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*You know what's funny? For decades now we have been pushed and prodded to become more "involved citizens" or "active citizens", but when we finally get "involved" the politicians freak out. The Trent Lotts and Hillary Clintons decry the influence of the bloggers and yet that is exactly what involved citizens are doing to get involved. Funny huh?

*Note to Obama: If we don't use our global military power to stop genocides around the world, what DO we use it for? Enhancing our corporate based economy? Suporting Coke and Chiquita banana around the world with overwhelming firepower?

*Guerilla war (like what is happening in Iraq) is a contest of endurance and national will. The side with the greatest moral commitment--idealogical, religious, or patriotic--will hold the ground at the conflict's end. Battlefield victory can almost be irrelavent, since victory is often determined by morale, obstinacy, and survival. Conventional war tactics do not work against guerillas. forces must be re-quipped, restructured, and retrained to fight guerillas. The most effective combatants are light infantry. Infantry fighting vehicles and helicopters play an important role in mobility and fire support. Journalists and television cameramen are key players in guerilla warfare. One's cause can be effectively aided when championed by a significant portion of the world's press.

*It is critical to understand that the Democrat party in the United States is committed to the failure of US forces in Iraq, and only for cheap political gains. Again, America is fertile soil for short-sighted elements that hope to convert a military defeat for their country abroad into a political victory for their party at home. Think about it.....

*The potential for Turkey invading Iraq is getting worse all the time. However, at this time the only group in Iraq that is generally pro-American is the Kurds, so the United States can hardly let the Turks mangle them.

*Conservatives and other normal people are quite content to live in our home (America) in peace with our brothers and sisters, our husbands and our wives. America-hating citizens are the perfect example of abusers who want to “teach” us – by abuse, of course – how to live the “right” way (how they wish us to live) and to use every imperfection in American life as an excuse to go on a violent, loud rampage in our home, terrorizing other family members and ruling our home through savage intimidation.

*An environmentalist (and SF legend) named Stewart Brand is beginning to imbue some rationalism into his environmental politics. Stewart Brand has become a heretic to environmentalism, a movement he helped found, but he doesn’t plan to be isolated for long. He expects that environmentalists will soon share his affection for nuclear power. They’ll lose their fear of population growth and start appreciating sprawling megacities. They’ll stop worrying about “frankenfoods” and embrace genetic engineering. "My biggest fear about environmentalism is what I see as a certain Luddism -- that problems are best solved by moving to old ways. Organic farming is one example, resistance to nuclear power, empowering government to make more economic decisions. What all these have in common is a strong traditionalism and change aversion. They show a lack of confidence in humanity's ability to adapt and make choices."

*Geman's (a reporter) straight, just-the-facts-M'am reporting, by letting the lobbyists speak for themselves, quickly makes one thing apparent: The renewable-energy lobby is just another oinker with its snout in the trough -- a special interest group slavering after corporate welfare subsidies, special tax breaks, and market rigging rules.

*"If someone is making your life miserable, either you end your life or you get them out of your way". That's exactly what the voters have been doing on every gay marriage referendum. Striking back against exactly this kind of in-your-face take-no-prisoners this-is-culture-war bullshit. Outing is counterproductive. It's not going to win hearts and minds of the straight, working class, middle American voter. Outing does not improve their image of gays, it makes gays look like Mitch said, like cannibals. Uncivilized, hypocrital, privacy-invading, cheap-shot, dirty-tactic cannibals. If Ken Melman is gay (and nobody has proved he is) then the fact that he is running the RNC is priceless and gays should recognize the tremendous long term advantages he can eventually offer instead of dragging his ass through their ugly militant personal politics, throwing him out of the job, and replacing him with someone much worse.

*Newt Gingrich is America's Winston Churchhill. He speaks brutal truth to a soft nation. Those who know truth embrace it and honor it.....those who fear truth look for others who will ignore it with them.

*Will someone/anyone not spewing the socialist line about free health care, free college, mandatory health insurance, benefits to illegals, hispandering etc please step up and run for President?

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NEW WORDS (from a conservative point of view)
Ecopagan: A dangerously radical pagan or athiest true believer who deems your life worth less than a tree; especially so if you are a conservative, Republican, or Christian. Usually part of the "Save the (Mother) Earth" movement, ecopagans tend to dominate the entire "global warming" leadership as well. Famous ecopagans like Dr. Doom (Dr. Eric R. Pianka) would like to wipe out most of mankind to make the planet more "sustainable". True human (and God) haters, ecopagans are politically always leftists groups and individuals.

Homoradicalism: Diversity-hating homosexuals who cannot tolerate any criticism of homosexuality, especially from any straight, conservative, Christian, or Republican people. Intent on teaching gay, bisexual, and transvestite lifestyles to your children. A dangerous group of radical sexual perverts intent on spreading their perversity as far and as wide as possible, except to muslim lands of course (multiculturalism must be respected). Almost always leftists (98%). Here is a perfect example of Homoradicalism.

Micro-Civil War: Most civil wars begin with the actions of a small fraction of the population (less than 1% might actively participate in or support the initial violence). The future Second American Civil War will be started this way. Civil wars like that of the First Civil War of the United States, featuring conventional armies facing off along well-defined fronts, have been highly unusual. See the Turkish Civil War on the 1970s for more details on this type of conflict.

Monomaniac: 1)Pathological obsession with one idea or subject. 2)Intense concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea.

Petrobillionaire: The foreign leader (always male) from an oil-bearing country; usually the Middle East. Generally a dispicable character who diverts money to radical muslim causes (killing people like innocent women, children, gays, etc ). This klepto-leader embezzles the rest of the countrys' wealth into his Swiss bank accounts to buy expensive cars, homes around the world, and yacht trips with sexy women on board. A dangerous Third World political leader.

Professorinsanity: Academia is the only paying job in America where it doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong about an issue. As long as your university colleagues agree with what you say, you get tenure for life. Your theories can be totally wrong, your predictions completely off base, your analysis of the world fundamentally flawed--and none of this makes one whit of difference. As long as you maintain the politically correct positions on the major issues of the day, the keys to the faculty lounge will remain firmly in your possession.

Robomediation: The process by which your daily casual interaction is done by machine interfaces of various kinds: automated bank tellers, telephone operators by touchtone or voice, DVD automatons, etc. The future is Terminator-friendly. All these automated things are also called “autons”.

Saudis Plan Border Fence
Saudi Arabia has invited bids for the construction of a security fence along the entire length of its 900km (560mile) desert border with Iraq in a multimillion-dollar project that will attract interest from British defence companies. The barrier is part of a package to secure the Kingdom’s 6,500km of borders in an attempt to improve internal security and bolster its defences against external threats. Saudi Arabia is concerned that the chaos in Iraq could cause an overspill of sectarian violence and terrorism. The kingdom claims to be winning the battle against al-Qaeda’s Saudi wing but wants to protect itself against Saudi insurgents returning from Iraq. “There’s no suggestion that the border isn’t secure at the moment, so it could be a bit of an expensive white elephant,” a European diplomat in Riyadh said. Saudi militants join ing the insurgency use other routes, such as Syria. Riyadh is worried by the rise to power in Iraq of the Shia majority, with its close links with Iran, which Saudi Arabia mistrusts. It is concerned that its Shia minority, which is concentrated in the oil-producing eastern province, may become radicalised.

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Let's Make War On China
Leave to the marines to say what needs to be said, but that no one else has the nerve to do. Marine general James Cartwright, commander of STRATCOM (Strategic Command) pointed out that, in the face of increasing hacker attacks on Department of Defense and civilian computer networks, the best defense is a good offense. While many of these attacks are launched by criminal gangs and individuals (most of them amateurs), an increasing amount of the hacker activity is government sponsored, or the work of soldiers or civilians working for foreign government. STRATCOM wants Congress to pass laws that make it easier, or even possible, for the United States to locate, and go after, those who are already waging Cyber War on the United States. Exactly what these laws might be was left open. This is a delicate area. Mucking about on the Internet means stepping on the toes of foreigners. But a lot of foreign governments are asking for it. The Chinese government is not bashful about its Cyber War efforts, although officials are more reticent when it comes to details. It is known that the Chinese government makes use of civilian "irregulars," and even mercenaries, for some of its Cyber War tasks. The question is, who decides when a Cyber War operation is an "attack?" Who determines who the attacker is? A lot of nasty Internet activity has been coming out of China lately, including very targeted attacks on American military bases, and individual military personnel. But, so far, no one is saying much publicly. Probably because to present a lot of evidence of Chinas complicity would let the Chinese know how well they are being observed. STRATCOM has apparently given some closed (classified) briefings to Congress, detailing American vulnerabilities, and possible countermeasures that could be undertaken, if new laws were passed to make some of the move legal. STRATCOM is in charge of American strategic weapons, including warfare via the Internet. STRATCOM is also responsible for keeping an eye on the strategic weapons of other nations.

Why we Hate Journalists
(so good I had to repost here)
The annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of 23 professions just came out -- and journalists were ranked at the bottom. Just 13% of the 1,100 U.S. adults said the occupation of journalist had "very great prestige," while 16% said it had "hardly any at all." Meanwhile, 61 percent said the most prestigious job was firefighter, noting that they also had great buns.

And yet, Hollywood has spent the last 70 years glorifying the role of journalists, while it's made only one Backdraft. Robert Redford and Paul Newman can play journalists on the big screen, but we all know that in real life, journalists look more like me -- pudgy, pasty drunks with moderate to unhealthy obsessions with sports bloopers and Asian porn. Journalism is about as heroic as dentistry. And dentists have cooler instruments. And gas. I'm talking about nitrous, people ? not what I get when I eat burritos.

Reporters are seen as fearless, often risking their lives to speak out against evil corporate bosses or corrupt politicians. But there's nothing more corrupt than a journalist - most choose stories that elevate their reputation among their peers. This is why USA Today continues to spew drivel about vitamins, bullying and global warming - it makes their reporters feel like they're making a difference.

I used to be a print journalist, it's true. But I spent my time doing what all good journalists should do: drinking, punching wallabes, and trying to find my pants. If I could have cloned myself and created a press corps entirely of Gregs, I would have, but until then I refuse to learn how to read and urge you to do the same.

And that's my gut feeling. Greg from Redeye.

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