Thursday, August 23, 2007

God's Warriors (by CNN)

You know, CNN did an interesting job on their 3-part series called "God's Warriors", however I was deeply bothered by how much of a propaganda piece it really was (today I will blog about the muslim part of the show, tomorrow the Christian side). Amanpour's coverage of Iran's theocrats was either shockingly unthoughtful or deliberately misleading. The disaster of women's rights in Iran after the theocratic takeover in 1979 was deliberately ignored by Amanpour (a woman) and was despicable. So let's takes a real hard look at Islam in general and Iran in particular. When the radical muslims took over Iran they instituted the following:

*The country's progressive family laws were suspended,

*Disallowed female judges,

*Strongly enforced the wearing of the hijab,

*Lowered the marriage age to nine,

*Permitted polygamy,

*Gave fathers the right to decide who their daughters could marry,

*Permitted unilateral divorce for men but not for women,

*And gave fathers sole custody of children in case of divorce.

Overall, Iran's theocracy has been a disaster on multiple fronts, including womens rights. And I cannot even speak about the ghastly deaths homosexuals face in Iran daily. And yet most leftist in America fear a Christian theocratic takeover of the government; an absurdity as most Christians just want to be left alone and not have left-wing viewpoints shoved down their throats. People need to wake up and realize how dangerous muslims really are. And if muslims are getting bad press, it's because they are causing it themselves. Hell, muslims cannot get along with any of their neighbors: they attack Hindus, Budhists, Christians, and Jews in every country they share them with. And it is not a modern occurance; look up Arab muslims in northern Sudan attacking black Christians in southern Sudan in the 1970s for example. The muslims are not the innocent guys here you know.....

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