Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bushs' Last Year

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As I read the various blogs and news aggregates around on the Web I can see a lot of people saying George Bush is a lame duck President, that he will be lucky is he gets anything done now that the Democrats control both the House and Senate even though he has more than a year left in office. However, I see things in a different way. I see opportunity. Now that he doesn't have to please his base or the general public since he is not running for office again, I believe that President Bush should try and be bold in creating new laws that help the average American. In not even lifting a finger like raising the minimum wage, the GOP in the 2006 elections was made to look like a group of old rich snobs who didn't care about anyone other than themselves. Being in the GOP for almost 20 years I know that this is the farthest thing from the truth. I hope President Bush enacts the following laws to help out the "little guy". Many of these can be accomplished by Executive Order.

*End rape sanctuary cities in the USA: Many cities in America (Newark, Alaska, Oregon, LA, etc) have laws on the books or at least unofficial rules to not report rape. This should be ended and President Bush could tell all of these cities and states that federal funds will end if they continue to ignore federal laws in this area.

*The Fathers' Right Law: No more than 25% of a man income can go to child support. I believe this law will end the many family murder-suicides that we see taking place in American today. When a man cannot even eat because all his wages are going to child support, he will become desperate, usually killing the mother in revenge and the children because they would grow up without both of their parents. President Bush should support this law.

*Federal Prison Rape Law: The goal of ending all prison rapes is a laudible goal. Male-on-male rape in prison is endemic in the prison system and should be stopped using the full extent of federal law. This will also cut the increase of AIDS in the US prison system.

*Federal Prime Bail-Out Law: The US stock market tettered on the edge of collapse immediately after President Bush denied a paltry $1 billion dollars to help out the 10-20 million homeowners in the US who may loose their homes in the next 1-3 years due to high interest rates in the country. Spending a measly $1 billion out of the $2.7 trillion dollars US budget would go a long way to stabilizing the jittery housing and stock markets and show people that the full weight of the United States is behind its' own markets.

*Chertoff: Fire him! He is a disaster as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Chertoff has always been on the wrong side of most issues that the average American deals with: border issues, wage increases, New Orleans, etc. He even (stupidly) opposed sealing the border with Mexico, a conduit where terrorists could sneak nuclear bombs across the border. This man is an idiot, be gone with him!

*Fairness in Higher Education Act: The vast majority of colleges and university are an incredibly hostile place for conservatives, and for no good reason. I myself had my grades lowered because my communist professor didn't like my pro-American patriotism. All sides of an issue should be discussed on campus and you should not be retaliated against (through lowered grades or other ways) by your professors or classmates for your views. Federal funds would be cut if students were harassed or grades lowered just because of their political beliefs.

*Free College Education Act: The state of Georgia allows all of its graduating high school students to go to college for free if their grades are high enough. this system has not caused a major financial problem for the state of Georgia and should be implemented nation-wide. If President George Bush wants to be known as the "Education President" then this program will ensure that moniker.

*Repeal the Medical Drug Card: This boondoggle is a complete financial disaster that threatens to (along with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) bankrupt the entire country. President George Bush endorsed the uber-expensive program and now that we can see how much it will cost (over $500 billion dollars in 10 years) he should do everything in his power to get this legislation repealed!

*Port Security Act: Check all incoming containers! Tens of millions of steel containers enter the United States every year and most go unchecked and this is a disaster waiting to happen. If I were a terrorist I would load up some chemical, biological, and nuclear materials and detonate them in a large port city like Miami or Los Angeles. This should not happen and President Bush should move immediately to make sure that tens of thousands of American civilians are not killed by such an easy attack.

*Fair Trade Act: Enact legislation so that countries like China cannot gut US industry. At least 50% of a product has to be made or assembled here to be sold here. Since nearly everyone on the planet wants to sell their goods in cash-rich America, I seriously doubt that any country will say no for long. Also, we need to make it automatic so no one has to vote on it. Once trade deficits reach a certain level it kicks in automatically.

*Downsize NASA: Since the Space Shuttle program was introduced the personnel of NASA have been wedded to the damn thing even though it killed 12 astronauts and 2 out of the 5 orbiters were destroyed. This is a humiliating failure but NASA refuses to accept it. The entire space agency should be downsized to a think tank. All off-world programs should be robotic and the equipment built by outside groups like Lockheed Martin and Boeing. NASA should focus on building an orbital beanstalk and solar powered receivers on the moon. The moon program will easily transmit enough power for the entire population of this planet for the next billion years (the moon receives 13,000 terrawatts of solar energy every day, we use 2 terrawatts daily). The beanstalk (or space elevator) will open up the entire solar system for human expansion since chemical rockets are extremely limited and their is no future in them.

*Border Fence: Finally, George Bush's best legacy could (and should) be securing the US border against illegal immigration and possible terrorist infiltration as well as cutting off drug flows into the United States.

I remain part of George Bush's "Presidential Prayer Team" and will keep on praying for him as he continues as the leader of this country. I hope you can and will do the same, especially if you don't like the man. Regards, Damon

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