Thursday, August 30, 2007

Putting your money where your mouth is

Joining the ACLJ
For 70 years there was no group challenging the ACLU, until the ACLJ was formed in the 1980s. The 1925 "Monkey Trial" argued that evolution should be included as one of several theories that should be taught in school, not just creationism. They didn't say they wanted creationism to be eliminated (at least initially) but that is exactly what has happened over time. Now, no other ideas about how humans developed over time can be taught. Even a sticker, placed in the cover of a biology textbook in Cobb County (Georgia) saying that evolution was a theory and people should keep an open mind when reading the material in the textbook was eliminated because of ACLU efforts. Such totalitarian efforts are unworthy of America and should be fought with every fiber of our being.

The ACLU also defends sex offenders. They fought for convicted pedophiles to have access to parks with children, with no restrictions whatsoever. This case took place in Indiana. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and should be fought against.

I also support the ACLJ because they oppose Planned Parenthood, and here's why: abortion kills twice as many black babies as AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. The initial leader of PP (Margaret Sanger) was a hard-core racist who saw abortion as a way to keep minority groups like blacks under control and today 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. I am against this sort of "black genocide" and will support anti-abortion efforts to my fullest ability.

In typical Nazi style, Sanger believed the theory of evolution provided groups for eliminating the "unfit". In her 1922 book Pivot of Civilization, she advocated the elimination of "weeds...overunning the human garden"; the segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted"; and the sterilization of "genetically inferior races". My younger brother is mentally retarded and this sort of "manifesto" is scary stuff. This is the legacy of abortion, and completely un-American in outlook. These are the reasons why I oppose the ACLU and abortion. Selective targeting of groups should not be allowed to happen and should be opposed by all free peoples and individuals of good conscience.

Joining the ASPCA
I am joining the ASPCA because of Michael Vick. His vile methods of dog fighting and executing dogs using electrocution, drowning, and beating them to death has opened my eyes to the brutality of people vs animals. For just $18 bucks a month you can support your local ASPCA and help animals that are neglected and abused. As a way to fight back against dog-fighting that Vick and his buddies like to engage in, please consider joining your local ASPCA organization today?

Iraq War
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Orleans and Hate Crimes

On New Orleans
You know, HBO was doing a nasty little hatchet job documentary on President Bush over New Orleans on TV tonight. However, one very telling point was when Ray Nagin spoke about his meeting with Bush immediately after Hurricane Katrina. He said he refused to speak to Democratic Governor Blanco, making Bush talk to her in his sted when they were both on Air Force One. Both Nagin and Blanco are Democrats but it appears that Nagin publically supported her Republican rival during the previous election for Governor and she has never forgiven him for that. So the real problem is that even though President Bush gave the Gulf Coast $100 billion dollars in clean up money, the in-fighting between the Governor of the state of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans is what is really keeping progress back. Interesting....

Loser Nagin
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Blanco, not running for governor again (good riddance!)
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Pastors Blast “Hate-Crimes” Bill
Rep. Steve Cohen got an earful this week at the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association. Rep. Cohen, a freshman Democrat, had been invited to speak to 100 pastors about his support for the so-called “hate crimes” bill. Cohen left the meeting complaining, “I was not treated the way a congressman or an elected official or an invited guest should have been treated. …I never expected anything like this.” What so upset Cohen? Simply this: The 100 pastors were African Americans, and they did not want “hate crimes” legislation.

The pastors are concerned, as they should be, that the legislation will stifle their ability to preach the biblical worldview of human sexuality. Dr. LaSimba Gray, pastor of New Sardis Baptist Church, strongly rejected any connection between homosexual rights and civil rights, saying, “In all my 40 years of civil rights work, I’ve never seen a gay water fountain and I’ve never seen a gay entrance to a building. We have a right to be apprehensive about this bill and say it’s not necessary.”

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From Gary

Gonzales Gone
This morning Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that he had submitted his resignation to the president. It was accepted and will become effective September 17th. Gonzales’ tenure has been stormy to say the least, and with his departure and that of Karl Rove, the president’s “inner circle” of Texas confidants grows smaller and smaller. While leftwing groups and liberal politicians on Capitol Hill are cheering Gonzales’ resignation as a victory, I hope his successor will not be intimidated by Washington’s favorite pastime of “gotcha politics.” It’s obvious from a story in today’s Washington Times that political correctness is running rampant in the halls of the Justice Department.

According to the Times, the Department of Justice is co-sponsoring a convention hosted by the Islamic Society of North America, an organization listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist fundraising case. The decision to support the conference was defended by Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, the acting deputy chief of the Voting Rights Division, who wrote, “This is an important outreach opportunity, and a chance to reach a community that is at once very much discriminated against, and very wary of the national government and its willingness to protect them.”

Well Done, Dr. Kennedy
This weekend, Mrs. Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, daughter of Dr. D. James Kennedy, announced her father’s retirement as senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Just days after preaching his last sermon on Christmas Eve, Dr. Kennedy suffered a heart attack and has been recovering ever since. I have had the honor of working with Dr. Kennedy for many years. He is a genuine patriot pastor, whose love of God and country made him one of the most outspoken and unapologetic defenders of faith and family in America. After more than half a century of evangelism and confronting the critical issues in our culture, his retirement is well deserved! While his courage will be missed, his legacy will continue through the work of Coral Ridge Ministries and Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Congratulations, my friend, on a job well done!

Newark--A Sanctuary City for Murderers
You may remember that earlier this month three youths in Newark, New Jersey, were shot and killed by a group of men that included at least two illegal immigrants with long criminal records. The incident sparked outrage in Newark and across the country, provoking Newark officials to unveil a host of policies aimed at reducing crime in a city with a murder rate three times that of New York City. Amidst all the new proposals, however, there's one policy that's being ignored. Last year Newark designated itself a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants. Sanctuary laws defy federal guidelines by preventing local law enforcement from cooperating with federal officials on immigration matters. Newark's sanctuary policies are part of the reason these murderers were still out on the street. In my Human Events column from last Friday, I explain how Newark has become a sanctuary city for murderers, and what must be done to make sure more innocent lives aren't lost to these illegal policies.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's the Islamists, Stupid!

God's Warriors Redux
Well, I was going to blog about my perceptions of Christiane Amanpour's bizarre series called "God's Warriors" where she tried to say that other major religions like Christianity and Judaism are just as violent and scary as Islam, but two other websites I have read today cover CNN's propaganda mini-series far better.

Verum Serum has excellent details on just how weird Amanpour is by trying to say that American Christians re just as dangerous as radical muslims.

An American Expat in Southeast Asia is also another blogger that discusses in remarkable depth and detail the muslim movement in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia and Indonesia. HIs thoughts about Amanpour's CNN series are on the website above.

WND Poll
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My final thoughts on this subject is that Amanpour derided Christian leaders for their opposition to "hate legislation" currently being proposed in the United States. "Hate Speech" is especially dangerous to Christians in the freedom-loving West who are out-spoken on homosexuality. Pastors in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have been fined, silenced, and even imprisoned by their own governments when they preach about the sin of homosexuality. This sort of anti-Christ totalitarianism is unwelcome in a modern democracy and Christians and anyone supporting free-speech rights had better oppose this sort of legal legislation before it becomes law, or they will easily find themselves in prison for believing the Bible and speaking out on what they believe is the truth.

See these articles for examples of free countries like Canada imprisoning their own people for speaking what they think is the truth.

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Blaming the Victim
The war on terror is all about religion, but in more ways than many people realize. The mass media in the West does not like to deal with the religious aspects of terrorism. Why this is, well that’s another matter. Meanwhile, the Western media make a big deal out of Moslem grievances, and the claims that Moslems are being persecuted in the West, and under attack in their own homelands.

But the reality is that most Moslem nations are fundamentally hostile to other religions. Saudi Arabia simply forbids the practice of any other religion. If foreigners wish to hold non-Islamic religious services, they have to do it in their homes. The only houses of worship allowed in Saudi Arabia are Moslem. Trying to convert a Saudi to a religion other than Islam can get you killed, legally.

While many are aware of the extreme religious bias practiced in Saudi Arabia, less known is a similar bias present in all Moslem nations. While many of these countries don’t have anti-infidel (non Moslems) laws, they tolerate crimes by Islamic vigilantes against non-Moslems. These Moslem nations know they are doing bad things, because the governments will go to great lengths trying to deny or cover up these acts. The leaders of these nations know that religious persecution is evil. That's why they attempt to ignore it, or admit that it even exists in their midst. Energetic efforts will be made to assert that it is Moslems who are being persecuted in non-Moslem nations. In the West, this is considered ludicrous, at least by those who bother to pay attention to what is actually happening in the Moslem world.

Since this belief that Islam is under attack, motivates Islamic terrorists, it would make sense to point out how utterly false the accusation is. Not only is Islam not under attack, but Moslem governments, and most of the mass media everywhere tends to ignore or downplay the very real violence and hostility Moslems direct at non-Moslems. When pressed, Western journalists, or at least their editors, will claim that focusing on Moslems attacking non-Moslems will only anger the Islamic world, and increase the hatred that creates Islamic terrorists. That doesn’t make any sense, but at least the feelings of Moslems are being tended to.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

God's Warriors (by CNN)

You know, CNN did an interesting job on their 3-part series called "God's Warriors", however I was deeply bothered by how much of a propaganda piece it really was (today I will blog about the muslim part of the show, tomorrow the Christian side). Amanpour's coverage of Iran's theocrats was either shockingly unthoughtful or deliberately misleading. The disaster of women's rights in Iran after the theocratic takeover in 1979 was deliberately ignored by Amanpour (a woman) and was despicable. So let's takes a real hard look at Islam in general and Iran in particular. When the radical muslims took over Iran they instituted the following:

*The country's progressive family laws were suspended,

*Disallowed female judges,

*Strongly enforced the wearing of the hijab,

*Lowered the marriage age to nine,

*Permitted polygamy,

*Gave fathers the right to decide who their daughters could marry,

*Permitted unilateral divorce for men but not for women,

*And gave fathers sole custody of children in case of divorce.

Overall, Iran's theocracy has been a disaster on multiple fronts, including womens rights. And I cannot even speak about the ghastly deaths homosexuals face in Iran daily. And yet most leftist in America fear a Christian theocratic takeover of the government; an absurdity as most Christians just want to be left alone and not have left-wing viewpoints shoved down their throats. People need to wake up and realize how dangerous muslims really are. And if muslims are getting bad press, it's because they are causing it themselves. Hell, muslims cannot get along with any of their neighbors: they attack Hindus, Budhists, Christians, and Jews in every country they share them with. And it is not a modern occurance; look up Arab muslims in northern Sudan attacking black Christians in southern Sudan in the 1970s for example. The muslims are not the innocent guys here you know.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gary on Iraq and Political Correctness

Securing Our Future
President Bush delivered an excellent speech today before the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ national convention, drawing upon the lessons of history in defense of the Iraq war. For example, the president noted the similarities between the attack on Pearl Harbor and September 11th, how both Al Qaeda and Imperial Japan were driven by a twisted ideology in pursuit of an empire and how both resorted “to a strategy of suicide attacks destined to create so much carnage that the American people will tire of the violence and give up the fight.”

When World War II was over, America rebuilt our former enemies. Many objected, claiming that we were imposing our values on other cultures. Japanese officials complained bitterly about our insistence on giving Japanese women the right to vote. General Douglas MacArthur wrote in his memoirs about the criticism he received from “many Americans, as well as many other so-called experts…” As President Bush reminded his audience, “You know, the experts sometimes get it wrong. …[As] one historian put it … ‘Had these erstwhile experts had their way, the very notion of inducing a democratic revolution would have died of ridicule at an early stage.’”

The president even dared to risk making comparisons to Vietnam – not about “quagmires” but about how tragedy followed America’s retreat. While liberal politicians and media elites insisted that life would be better for the Vietnamese after America left, President Bush noted that former allies of the United States, intellectuals and businessmen “were sent off to prison camps, where tens of thousands perished.” Our enemies around the world also learned that America could be divided. President Bush stated, “There was another price to our withdrawal from Vietnam… In an interview with a Pakistani newspaper after the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden declared that ‘the American people had risen against their government’s war in Vietnam. And they must do the same today.’”

The president ended on an optimistic note, telling our veterans, “Today the violent Islamic extremists who fight us in Iraq are as certain of their cause as the Nazis, or the Imperial Japanese, or the Soviet communists were of theirs. They are destined for the same fate. …So long as we remain true to our ideals, we will defeat the extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan…” But, my friends, there’s no guarantee that America will prevail in this war. Hitler and Hirohito were not intimidated by our ideals. They were not defeated by diplomacy. It took blood and iron to bring Berlin to its knees. It took the horror of atomic destruction to pacify the kamikazes. It will take much more than our “ideals” to prevent another Dark Age from engulfing the civilized world. Securing America’s future will require the sacrifice of lives and treasure. Our veterans understand that, even if too many of our elites do not.

How Political Correctness Will Kill Us
In recent weeks the FBI has been tracking reports of suspicious behavior by two Middle Eastern-looking men on the Seattle ferry system. The Bureau has tried and failed to locate the men, and so a few days ago they went to the Seattle media for help. The FBI requested that major papers and news outlets publish photos taken of the men by concerned citizens. And, of course, the media, wanting to save the lives of their readers and viewers, complied – right? Wrong. Some news outlets cooperated, but not the liberal Seattle Post Intelligencer. The managing editor of the paper explained the decision this way: “We have no confirmation that these men’s behavior was anything but innocuous, and to forever taint them by associating them with terrorism under these circumstances is not consistent with our policy.”

In 2004 the Seattle Times reported that Coast Guard officials and members of Seattle’s Joint Terrorism Task Force believed the ferry system had been the object of “pre-operational terrorist planning.” But the “policy” of the Post Intelligencer will make the FBI’s job harder and increase the likelihood that dead Americans will be floating in the water. If hundreds die in an attack by Islamofascists, you can bet that the paper will blame Bush, the FBI, etc.

The left-wing mind set is a strange thing to behold. Whether it’s groups like or papers like the Intelligencer, the world is upside down. Suspicious-acting Middle Eastern men are given the benefit of the doubt, but the FBI can’t be trusted. George Bush is compared to Hitler, but we must try to understand Iranian Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, U.S. troops are accused of intentionally killing civilians, but Al Qaeda atrocities barely make the news. Here’s a small action item for those of you in Seattle – cancel your Post Intelligencer subscription today!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rift Developing in American Politics

A major rift in America is developing between those who rule and those who are ruled themselves. It all started in the 1980s, when East Coast Liberals began taking the Democratic Party in a direction that the Deep South refused to go. It was a movement that was pro-choice, pro-gay, anti-gun, and anti-Bible. You see, since the American Civil War of 1861-1865 the South was run by the Democratic Party. The Democrats had fought to keep their slaves while the Republicans had fought to free them and for 150 years after the Civil War ended few Republicans were elected to office in the racist South, a fact that kept Democrats happy (and in power) since the end of World War II. Conservative Democrats ran states like Texas and Kentucky but when the Democratic Party veered hard-left in the 1980s, these southern conservatives balked. Take a look at the map below. In the 1970s the South was almost entirely blue (Democrat) but by the 1980s it was becoming far more red (Republican).

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1995 Senate
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1995 House
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So what happened? Did nearly 70 million people int he South suddenly change their minds and vote for "those damn Yankees" for no good reason? The real reason was the radical lurch to the left by the East Coast Liberals, a move that any God-fearing and gun-owning straight person could not stomach. When promoting their new agenda of group-think, the radical left-wing liberals threw anyone who wasn't of their own ilk out of their party, paving the way for the large Republican majorities of the 1980s through 2006. The savage attack of left-wing liberals against Joe Lieberman is a prime example of what I am talking about. Apparently there is no room in the Democratic Party for a conservative liberal like Lieberman, but the people of his state wisely saw through the radical agenda and elected him anyways as an Independent. The ultra-left blackmail bloggers that are now taking over the Democratic Party will most likely spell the death kneel for the liberals. The average person on the street cannot understand the "Hate America" crowd that is now controlling the Democrats and they are seeing through the smoke and mirrors already.

Another example of this radicalism in the Democratic Party is when I was being driven around by a female taxidriver in 2002. This 20 year old woman shocked me by saying every time she saw a pro-Bush bumper sticker she had to control the urge to drive them off the road! And this was before the invasion of Iraq! When I was growing up it was seen as a civil duty and honor to vote, even if the person was voting for the opposite party you were voting for. They were never seen as the enemy. This kind of weird thinking has totally pervaded the entire liberal movement, turning them into radical hate mongering Borgs who all think alike and spew Democratic Talking Points in the most mindless way that it couldn't possibly help but annoy anyone who has to listen to their drivel.

The Democrats are hoping that the tens of millions of immigrants coming to the United States illegally will vote Democratic and put them back in power but they are totally out of touch with their own political base since huge majorities of Americans do not want any form of illegal immigration to continue.

More importantly, the radical left is driving major wedges between the entire population of the United States, and on purpose. Unlike the Big Tent Philosophy of the Republican Party (where everyone is welcome) the Democrats now vet everyone around them with group-think philosophy; if you don't think like they do you are the enemy who must be destroyed. Acting similarly to the Star-Bellied Sneetches of Dr. Suess, these radicals have gone farther and actually want to see you DEAD if you don't agree with them. It's a shocking and sad trend to see in a major political party like the Democrats. for example, President George Bush is actually a fairly moderate Republican; he hasn't banned abortion, endorsed book burning or any other Nazi-like tactics yet the radical left cannot stand even a moderate like Bush in office. Their savage attack against Lieberman showed me that. Overall, the United States in serious political trouble and hopefully someone like Rudy Giuliani (who is a liberal Republican) can bring the two directions of this country back together again, but with radical "stop-anything-Republican" Democrats in power in the Congress I am not holding my breath.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bushs' Last Year

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As I read the various blogs and news aggregates around on the Web I can see a lot of people saying George Bush is a lame duck President, that he will be lucky is he gets anything done now that the Democrats control both the House and Senate even though he has more than a year left in office. However, I see things in a different way. I see opportunity. Now that he doesn't have to please his base or the general public since he is not running for office again, I believe that President Bush should try and be bold in creating new laws that help the average American. In not even lifting a finger like raising the minimum wage, the GOP in the 2006 elections was made to look like a group of old rich snobs who didn't care about anyone other than themselves. Being in the GOP for almost 20 years I know that this is the farthest thing from the truth. I hope President Bush enacts the following laws to help out the "little guy". Many of these can be accomplished by Executive Order.

*End rape sanctuary cities in the USA: Many cities in America (Newark, Alaska, Oregon, LA, etc) have laws on the books or at least unofficial rules to not report rape. This should be ended and President Bush could tell all of these cities and states that federal funds will end if they continue to ignore federal laws in this area.

*The Fathers' Right Law: No more than 25% of a man income can go to child support. I believe this law will end the many family murder-suicides that we see taking place in American today. When a man cannot even eat because all his wages are going to child support, he will become desperate, usually killing the mother in revenge and the children because they would grow up without both of their parents. President Bush should support this law.

*Federal Prison Rape Law: The goal of ending all prison rapes is a laudible goal. Male-on-male rape in prison is endemic in the prison system and should be stopped using the full extent of federal law. This will also cut the increase of AIDS in the US prison system.

*Federal Prime Bail-Out Law: The US stock market tettered on the edge of collapse immediately after President Bush denied a paltry $1 billion dollars to help out the 10-20 million homeowners in the US who may loose their homes in the next 1-3 years due to high interest rates in the country. Spending a measly $1 billion out of the $2.7 trillion dollars US budget would go a long way to stabilizing the jittery housing and stock markets and show people that the full weight of the United States is behind its' own markets.

*Chertoff: Fire him! He is a disaster as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Chertoff has always been on the wrong side of most issues that the average American deals with: border issues, wage increases, New Orleans, etc. He even (stupidly) opposed sealing the border with Mexico, a conduit where terrorists could sneak nuclear bombs across the border. This man is an idiot, be gone with him!

*Fairness in Higher Education Act: The vast majority of colleges and university are an incredibly hostile place for conservatives, and for no good reason. I myself had my grades lowered because my communist professor didn't like my pro-American patriotism. All sides of an issue should be discussed on campus and you should not be retaliated against (through lowered grades or other ways) by your professors or classmates for your views. Federal funds would be cut if students were harassed or grades lowered just because of their political beliefs.

*Free College Education Act: The state of Georgia allows all of its graduating high school students to go to college for free if their grades are high enough. this system has not caused a major financial problem for the state of Georgia and should be implemented nation-wide. If President George Bush wants to be known as the "Education President" then this program will ensure that moniker.

*Repeal the Medical Drug Card: This boondoggle is a complete financial disaster that threatens to (along with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) bankrupt the entire country. President George Bush endorsed the uber-expensive program and now that we can see how much it will cost (over $500 billion dollars in 10 years) he should do everything in his power to get this legislation repealed!

*Port Security Act: Check all incoming containers! Tens of millions of steel containers enter the United States every year and most go unchecked and this is a disaster waiting to happen. If I were a terrorist I would load up some chemical, biological, and nuclear materials and detonate them in a large port city like Miami or Los Angeles. This should not happen and President Bush should move immediately to make sure that tens of thousands of American civilians are not killed by such an easy attack.

*Fair Trade Act: Enact legislation so that countries like China cannot gut US industry. At least 50% of a product has to be made or assembled here to be sold here. Since nearly everyone on the planet wants to sell their goods in cash-rich America, I seriously doubt that any country will say no for long. Also, we need to make it automatic so no one has to vote on it. Once trade deficits reach a certain level it kicks in automatically.

*Downsize NASA: Since the Space Shuttle program was introduced the personnel of NASA have been wedded to the damn thing even though it killed 12 astronauts and 2 out of the 5 orbiters were destroyed. This is a humiliating failure but NASA refuses to accept it. The entire space agency should be downsized to a think tank. All off-world programs should be robotic and the equipment built by outside groups like Lockheed Martin and Boeing. NASA should focus on building an orbital beanstalk and solar powered receivers on the moon. The moon program will easily transmit enough power for the entire population of this planet for the next billion years (the moon receives 13,000 terrawatts of solar energy every day, we use 2 terrawatts daily). The beanstalk (or space elevator) will open up the entire solar system for human expansion since chemical rockets are extremely limited and their is no future in them.

*Border Fence: Finally, George Bush's best legacy could (and should) be securing the US border against illegal immigration and possible terrorist infiltration as well as cutting off drug flows into the United States.

I remain part of George Bush's "Presidential Prayer Team" and will keep on praying for him as he continues as the leader of this country. I hope you can and will do the same, especially if you don't like the man. Regards, Damon

Islamic Bio Weapon Hits New Zealand

Islamic Bio Weapon Hits New Zealand
July 18, 2007: Al Qaeda has not commented on their latest success at biological warfare. Recently, efforts by Islamic radicals in Pakistan and Nigeria caused polio to show up in New Zealand, a nation where a quarter of the children are not vaccinated against polio (which has not been seen in the country for decades.) This is a common pattern in many Western nations, because of a growing desire among many parents to avoid vaccinations, in response to rumors of side effects.

The immediate cause of it all was a passenger on a flight from Pakistan, who was later found to have polio. The rush is on to contact fellow passengers, and vaccinate those who need it. Until this done, there could be another outbreak of polio in New Zealand.

How did the Pakistani man get polio? Radical Islamic clerics in northern Pakistan have been pushing the idea that vaccinations for diseases is a Western plot to poison Moslem children. This particular fantasy has been rattling around for nearly a decade, and has prevented the UN from wiping out polio. Like small pox (which was wiped out in the 1970s), once there are no people with polio, the disease is gone for good (it can only survive in a human host). The Islamic clerics urging parents not to vaccinate their children against polio, provide the disease with hosts, and keep it going. Last year, 24,000 children were not vaccinated in northern Pakistan because of this paranoid fantasy. As a result, at least 39 cases of polio were confirmed last year. The victims (usually children) either die, or are crippled for life. In 2005, there were 28 cases. When confronted by angry parents, the clerics say that it's “God's will” that the kid is dead or crippled from polio. Most Moslem parents accept that, because Islam means, literally, “submission.” In this case, it also means biological warfare. Although not intentional, but you never know.

Events in Iran
The Iranian government is losing control of its security forces and secret police. Islamic radicals increasingly refuse to obey orders from the top, claiming God has commanded them to do otherwise. The Islamic conservatives have remained in power by cultivating Islamic radicals in the security forces, men who were willing to fight to the death to keep an un-elected Islamic conservative government in power. But now the Islamic radicals are out of control, and bringing them to heel will threaten the ability of the Islamic conservatives to rule the country. A man convicted of adultery was stoned to death, according to Islamic law. But the judge who ordered the stoning had been told by his superiors not to allow such a punishment. Senior officials are losing control of Islamic radicals, who often see themselves as above the law, at least the civil law. The recent crackdown by the religious police has encouraged the Islamic radicals to push even harder for strict adherence to Sharia (Islamic law, based largely on 7th century customs).

Bahrain is furious that an Iranian newspaper claimed Bahrain belongs to Iran. The claim is based on Iranian control of Bahrain for a few years during the 18th century. After that incident, Bahrain, and most of the other Gulf States, sought protection from Britain. During World War II, the U.S. joined with Britain in offering the Arab states of the Persian Gulf protection from Iranian aggression. Iran has always resented this, believing themselves to be the regional superpower, and the final arbiter of who is sovereign, and who is not.

Meanwhile, in northern Iran, troops continued to fight Kurdish rebels, firing artillery into Iraq, where the PKK rebels have established camps.

The Iranian government continues its crackdown on media that do not adhere to a conservative and Islamic point of view. No other opinions are tolerated. An Iranian news agency reported that police has captured 14 squirrels, equipped with "spying devices," near the Iraqi border. Later attempts to get more information failed, as police appeared to wish the story would go away.

Liberals have a new Enemy: Bottled Water
Instead of waging war against muslim extremists or other enemies of America, liberals have decided to fight an all-out war against people drinking bottled water. No I am not kidding. Feel free to read the article and learn more about this anti-choice movement.

Happenings in China
A Google Earth user, checking areas believed to contain Chinese naval bases (Chinese language message boards and chat rooms, in China and elsewhere, are good sources of these kinds of leads), found an excellent image of the first of the Type 094 SLBM (Ballistic Missile carrying nuclear subs) boats. In response, China repeated warnings to its citizens that geographic and military information about China is a state secret, and you can go to prison if found cooperating withforeigners who are collecting this kind of information. China monitors Internet activity inside China and, increasingly, outside China as well (especially if it is in Chinese and deals with politics or military matters.)

Thirty Thai Special Forces troops have come to China to train with their Chinese counterparts. Thailand is currently run by a military committee, which deposed the elected government last year. The Thai generals have reached out to their fellow dictators in China.

Chinese military commanders have felt compelled to announce new measures to assure the quality of food served to its 2.3 million troops. The rash of food safety scandals lately has caused numerous rumors to break out in the military. There have been cases in the past of corrupt officers substituting cheaper, but tainted, food, for the wholesome stuff. New army regulations call for more inspections and higher standards of hygiene in military kitchens.

China is becoming increasingly aggressive against Falungong members outside China. Falungong is a religious movement that demonstrated against government restrictions, and triggered a massive government effort to destroy the movement. This is partly because, in Chinese history, there have been many cases where similar religious movements triggered widespread rebellion against the government. What China is doing now is using diplomatic pressure, especially against small and poor nations, to expel or suppress Falungong activity in their country (usually by Chinese migrants or tourists.)

China has set up an experimental "Peace Corps" for Africa. So far, 300 volunteers (selected from over 10,000 applicants) underwent three months of training, and then went to Africa to teach simple, but more advances, Chinese farming methods, as well as medical and public health procedures, and how to speak Chinese. The volunteers get round trip air fare, and a small monthly payment to help defray the cost of food and lodging. Volunteers are expected to forge links with Africans, gain knowledge of Africa, and improve China's image at a grass roots level.

Newt Is Right
After the execution-style deaths of three black college students in New Jersey, someone has to stand up and fight the elitists in this country, and I am proud to say Newt Gingrich is one such man. Read the article for more info.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Ideas

On Ames
The recent straw polls in Ames, Iowa do not mean much and the reason why is numbers. You see, the top three contenders for the Republican nomination didn't even attend the event: Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson. Of course Mitt Romney won in Iowa, he practically bought the state; a disgusting display of pandering and throwing your money around to buy votes.

Barry Bonds
It is not hard to break records when you have drug-enhanced performance. Bonds is a loser.

USA vs Iran
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Did you know that carbon dioxide levels are already 20 times lower then it was during the time of the dinosaurs? This is causing the slow death of deciduous and conifer trees which are being replaced by grasses which don't require as much of the gas. We need more CO2, not less to stop the death of most of the plant life on this planet. In fact, some complex life forms (the dinosaurs) were probably wiped out by the drop in C)2 levels, letting the warm-blooded mammals survive over their reptilian competitors.

In threatening to use their US dollar and US Treasury Bond hoard as a weapon against the United States, it is becoming more and more clear that China is an implacable enemy of America. We stupidly send hundreds of billions of dollars to China by buying their (cheap) products, cutting our own manufacturing throats. We should pass a law that any product sold here in America has to be at least 50% assembled or manufactured here.

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On Trade
With China, Canada, and Mexico being our largest trade partners, it is very clear that trade does not bring friendship. All three of these nations are becoming very hostile to the United States.

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Democrats and the "gay debate"
You know, I don't understand why any of the gays and lesbians are supporting Democrats. Hillary's husband created DOMA and DADT and Bill Richardson thinks being gay is a choice. How stupid.

Free Speech Being Destroyed in America
one of the cornerstones of freedom in America is the freedom of speech. The cornerstone of all the other freedoms, speech has come to mean many things to Americans. Burning the US flag and book burning are two that come immediately to mind and although I do not support burning the flag, I do support book burning, and draft card burning, and bra burning, all as types of speech. So the fact that a guy on the east coast is being arrested for a felony in putting a Koran in the toilet is shocking to me. Where are all the free speech people? The ACLU? If there was ever a case of free speech, this is it, but the poor sap is being charged with felony hate crimes for his attempt at rebellion against what he sees as a dangerous religion. I am absolutely sure that if it was a Bible thrown in the toilet the ACLU would be right there, defending the guy. A sad day when we come to this sort of crap....truly the death of a nation at the hands of the PC police.

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Free Trade
I am now totally against "free trade". These policies are gutting the US industrial and manufacturing base and destroying the US middle class. The only people who are profiting off "free trade" are corporations like Walmart and not the average American. We need to wage all-out war against the elites in this country who are only looking out for themselves, especially voting all incumbents out of office!

Parting Thoughts
All opinions should be heard, but not all opinions should be respected. People who are radical leftists, those that despise their country and their neighbors (especially because of their political beliefs) should not be heard or respected. No one listens to Nazis here in America, nor should these looney leftists be listened too today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Illegal Immigration in America

Border Security Is National Security
Throughout the debate on immigration reform, conservatives repeatedly stressed the link between border security and national security. It has been a fairly regular theme in this daily report ever since September 11, 2001. However, there was news last week that underscored yet again the urgent need for this country to get serious about border security. According to a 2005 report by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) obtained by the Washington Times, the nexus between Mexican gangs, drug cartels and terrorism is real and much stronger than previously believed.

Drug trafficking is a known source of terrorist financing. That is not news. But the extent to which Middle Eastern terrorists are infiltrating the drug trade on our southern border is very disturbing and should be setting off alarm bells throughout Washington. In fact, the DEA report even went so far as to state, “It is very likely that any future ‘September 11th’ type of terrorist event in the United States may be facilitated, wittingly or unwittingly, by drug traffickers operating on both sides of the United States-Mexico border.”

The report states that Middle Eastern terrorists are entering Mexico, learning Spanish, adopting Hispanic names, going to work for the drug cartels and establishing sleeper cells in the U.S. As one DEA official said, “What we know for sure is that persons associated with terrorist groups have discovered what the cartels have known all along – the border is the backdoor into the U.S.” In our report on May 10th, I noted that a CIA threat paper had expressed similar concerns about Hezbollah terrorists known to be operating in South America. Now members of Congress are demanding formal investigations about the growing evidence of Islamic terrorist infiltration along our southern border.

Hopefully this information will end the racist epithets and invective that are too often hurled against concerned citizens who oppose mass amnesty deals. The DEA, CIA, FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have all issued reports expressing grave concerns about the lack of security on our southern border. We have been repeatedly warned of a clear and present danger, and the American people understand the risk. That is why they were so outraged by the most recent attempt to ram through a comprehensive immigration reform plan that treated border security as merely an excuse to accommodate the demands of the illegal alien lobby and corporate elites.

The good news is that the administration is finally taking action. Last week it announced that employers would be required to fire workers with illegal Social Security numbers, an idea supported by 79% of Americans. To be clear, the goal is not to punish hardworking Hispanics, but to guarantee that those in this country are here legally and for the right reasons. But the politicians still have a long way to go to earn your trust. According to one recent survey, 68% of all Americans (80% of Republicans, 64% of Independents and 62% of Democrats) believe it is “Very Important” for the government to improve border security and reduce illegal immigration. But only 12% of Americans believe the government is doing enough, while 71% say it is not.

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Luckily securing the border against trespassers is working. In Yuma, AZ
arrests are down 70% compared to last year. Using just 50 guards and a new (simple) border fence upgrade, arrests per hour went from 200 to just now 1 per hour. Three fences and extra lighting and sensors are the cause. This is very good news for America!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Thoughts for August

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When TV is Propaganda

I watched a National Geographic show this weekend that focused on one particular Polar Bear. They made it seem like it was the end of the world (due to AGW of course) because the bear walked 70 miles south away from the ice. They had a big buildup of how he was going to starve and how uncomfortable he was because it was warmer, yada-yada-yada. Just when you thought the bear was a goner, the bear finds a huge sperm whale carcus and spend s the next few months gorging on whale blubber. Then the bear simply walked back north to the ice. End of story? No.

The Europeans
You know, lately I have gotten in several arguments with some Europeans who read my blog (and an Australian). The point they were getting at was how awful America is and how violent we are as a nation. However, after taking a serious look at what was said I began to do a little research and my friend in Belgium (for example) comes from a pretty violent place himself. Not only did the King of his country collaborate with the Nazis (one of a handful that did) but his little country turned over all their Jews to be exterminated as well, a sin that will take a thousand years to blot away. The sad thing is that Belgium didn't have to do that. The nearby country of Denmark was ordered to turn over their Jews but their King ordered all the citizens of the country to wear the Jewish star, thus saving 98% of the Jewry of that nation from the Nazi death camps. I also discovered a shocking fact that when Belgium owned the African country of Congo (modern day Zaire) the Belgian troops under direct order from the King of Belgium deliberately cut off peoples' hands in the Congo! I don't think Americans ever did anything like that. So these guys from Europe who are shaking their moral fingers at us had better take a look at their own vile and bloody history. The hypocrisy here runs deep.

My Australian friend also trashed the United States from being exceptionally violent but I remembered from my history class that Australia was first started as a penal colony. Widespread homosexuality was the norm in that nation until the British dumped their first load of women onto the shores of the Botany Bay colony, which resulted in the largest mass rape up until that date. Australia was also just as brutal to its native aborigine population as the US was with theirs. Also, Australia's "Stolen Generation" - where Aboriginal children were taken away from their parents - was a case of attempted genocide, because it was believed that doing this would cause Aborigines to die out, according to Sir Ronald Wilson, former president of Australia's Human Rights Commission. During this period, at least 100,000 Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents!

Finally, knowing the nature of human beings I am not convinced that if Canada or Belgium or Australia were running the globe that they would be any more decent than America. We as a nation have done many noble things in our past, from dying in European wars that were not started by us to sacrificing our soldiers and sailors to keep Australia free from Japanese domination and inventing medicines that have literally saved hundreds of millions of people (polio, malaria). Yet many people in these countries give us zero credit for helping them in their time of need. A sad testimony.....

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Rally Calls for Revival of Islamic Caliphate
An estimated 80,000 Islamists packed a sports stadium in the Indonesian capital Sunday to call for the re-establishment of a single Islamic state or caliphate, uniting Muslims around the world under Islamic law. Video footage posted on the group's websites showed tens of thousands of people, men and women seated apart in the stadium in Jakarta, waving black and white flags and shouting "Allah is greater." Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, the group's Indonesian spokesman, said on the sidelines of the meeting that the group rejects democracy, because sovereignty is in the hands of Allah, not the people. In a statement, he called secularism "the mother of all destruction," and he called on all Muslims to join the struggle to implement Islam and Islamic law. Most of those attending were said to be Indonesians, although supporters of the group also came from the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

In an opinion survey earlier this year of attitudes in four key Muslim countries -- Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia -- pollsters found 36 percent of respondents "strongly" in favor of "unify[ing] all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate." Scholars say a caliphate has not existed in any form since 1924, when Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk formerly abolished the institution, following the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I. Very scary indeed.

Global Warming
The "global warming" problem has already been taken care of by the 5 trillion trees on earth that remove carbon dioxide from the air, the 7 different 150 m.p.h. jet streams that circle the earth daily (and disperse emissions into space to levels of parts-per-trillion), the tilt of the earth that brings summer in its season and winter in its, the existing free-market legislation already in place, and the fact that an all-powerful Creator can expand the orbit of the earth if "global" warming really was a "global" problem. Globalwarmingtologists are being blown about by mined, sifted, and manufactured "scientific" "facts".

Newt Quote
"We used to be a serious country. When we got attacked at Pearl Harbor, we took on Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany," he said, referring to World War II. "We beat all three in less than four years. We're about to enter the seventh year of this phony war against ... [terrorist groups], and we're losing."

US Embassy in Iraq
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

US Defense Budget

Defense Spending Glance
Highlights of a $459.6 billion Pentagon spending bill approved by the House on Sunday:

$3.5 billion less than requested by President Bush
$105 billion in personnel costs
$137.1 billion for operations and maintenance
$99.6 billion to procure weapons systems
$76.2 billion for research, development and testing
$2.2 billion to provide a 3.5 percent pay raise for military personnel
$6 billion for 7,000 additional Army soldiers and 5,000 marines
$23 billion for health care costs of the military and Pentagon employees
$8.5 billion for ballistic missile defense
$3.2 billion for the Army's next-generation Future Combat System

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Luckily, most major US defense systems remained intact under the Democratic-controlled Congress. Sadly, several big ticket (and useless) items like the F-22 Raptor (at $200 million dolalrs each) and the Virginia-class submarins ($2 billion each) continue to be funded. Both of these weapons systems are an over-priced waste of taxpayers money. For example, since no one in the world can outperform US fighter pilots, the F-22 can easily be replaced by upgrade F-15s. F-22s are fighter interceptors, not bombers, and are horrifically overpriced (each F-15s costs $50 million, the F-22 an absurd $200 million each).

The Virginia-class submarines are not needed bcause the 50+ Los Angeles-class subs the United States currently owns are more than enough to patrol the worlds oceans. When the former Soviet Union fell apart in 1990 the need for these sorts of subs declined drastically, but their numbers have not. We don't need more of this type of submarine. Fortunately the Bush Administration has begun to start to think outside the box and funding for converting nuclear armed submarines (SSBNs) to conventionally armed weapons continues. Armed with over 150 Tomahawk missiles, these four submarines have the same firepower as an entire US Navy battlegroup.

Called "Tactical Tridents", these submarines continue to be refitted for service in the US Navy. Ohio (SSGN-726) completed its conversion and began sea trials in early 2006. Since that time, USS Michigan (SSGN-727) and USS Florida (SSGN-728) have rejoined the fleet in the new configuration with USS Georgia (SSGN-729) still undergoing conversion. Florida conducted the initial testing required to determine whether the SSGN project was in fact possible. This included the first launching of a Tomahawk missile from the SSBN platform. If the maximum of 154 Tomahawk missiles were loaded, one Ohio class SSGN would carry an entire Battle Group's equivalent of cruise missiles. In crisis and transition to war, when air dominance and surface superiority are not assured, an SSGN can serve as a stealthy strike platform that could operate independently in denied areas, no matter who dominates the air or surface battle space.

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In the past, when trouble struck in a global hotspot, it has been said that one of the first questions an American President asks has been "Where are the carriers?" In future, that question may often change to "Where are the Tactical Tridents?" The ability to arrive unnoticed with up to 154 long-range land-attack missiles, launch Tomahawks, and then slip away silently beneath the waves, will make the new Tactical Trident SSGNs the US Navy's premier future strike platform next to its carrier fleet. The SOF/Strike mission flexibility and undetectability of the new SSGNs may even make them more important and useful in a number of future conflict scenarios. Indeed, if anti-shipping missile technologies and related systems continue to advance faster than defensive improvements, the SSGN fleet's survivability may vault them into the #1 position as America's primary strike platform near a number of key global choke points.

SSGNs would be based in Kings Bay, Georgia, and Bangor, Washington to take advantage of existing infrastructure support. The ships would use the Trident Refit Facility to continue the Trident maintenance concept - crucial to the planned 72% ship OPTEMPO - and would benefit from the existing Trident Training Facility and other submarine support capabilities. SSGNs would transit to the SEAL training areas at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, or Little Creek, Virginia, for combined exercises and predeployment training.

Conveting ballistic missiles from being nuclear-armed to conventional warheads is also a new program that the US Navy and Air Force continue to work on. At the end of the Cold War the United States found itself with almost 10,000 ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. Luckily, someone in the Defense Department began looking at alternate uses for these deadly missiles and a new field of conventionally-armed missiles came into existence. These missiles can strike anywhere on the planet in under 30 minutes so it was decided to put non-nuclear warheads on them and use them as surgical strike weapons. Their warheads can home in on an enemy to within 30 feet, delivering a devastating military strike in minutes after the decision comes from Washington, DC.

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Arming US missiles under the command of the Air Force also continues. Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are now being converted to non-nuclear strike missions. Other incredible weapons systems are also being funded by Congress, including the outstanding Airborne Laser (ABL). A converted 747 aircraft has been loaded with an enormous laser which is intended to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles as they rise from a foreign nation, making the debris from the missile and its' warhead fall back on the enemy territory. The ABL is an incredible program, with 6 aircraft intended to be built.

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An unknown fact about most of the super-advanced weaponry coming out of the United States, including stealth technology, ion drives for space, plasma shield technology, new "photon torpedoes", advanced lasers like those being mounted on the ABL, and automated weapons come from one source: a UFO that crash landed in the New Mexico desert and is now held at Area 51. Reverse engineering equipment from the UFO has enabled the US military to create a vast fields of super weapons. New weapons coming online are shocking plasma weapons that disable troops, beam weapons that disperse crowds using microwaves, powered armor, robotic weapons that can "hear" and "see" and fire projectiles that are formed according to the target, and even a "subspace drive". Thank you Little Grey Men! :)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Randomness

*You know what's funny? For decades now we have been pushed and prodded to become more "involved citizens" or "active citizens", but when we finally get "involved" the politicians freak out. The Trent Lotts and Hillary Clintons decry the influence of the bloggers and yet that is exactly what involved citizens are doing to get involved. Funny huh?

*Note to Obama: If we don't use our global military power to stop genocides around the world, what DO we use it for? Enhancing our corporate based economy? Suporting Coke and Chiquita banana around the world with overwhelming firepower?

*Guerilla war (like what is happening in Iraq) is a contest of endurance and national will. The side with the greatest moral commitment--idealogical, religious, or patriotic--will hold the ground at the conflict's end. Battlefield victory can almost be irrelavent, since victory is often determined by morale, obstinacy, and survival. Conventional war tactics do not work against guerillas. forces must be re-quipped, restructured, and retrained to fight guerillas. The most effective combatants are light infantry. Infantry fighting vehicles and helicopters play an important role in mobility and fire support. Journalists and television cameramen are key players in guerilla warfare. One's cause can be effectively aided when championed by a significant portion of the world's press.

*It is critical to understand that the Democrat party in the United States is committed to the failure of US forces in Iraq, and only for cheap political gains. Again, America is fertile soil for short-sighted elements that hope to convert a military defeat for their country abroad into a political victory for their party at home. Think about it.....

*The potential for Turkey invading Iraq is getting worse all the time. However, at this time the only group in Iraq that is generally pro-American is the Kurds, so the United States can hardly let the Turks mangle them.

*Conservatives and other normal people are quite content to live in our home (America) in peace with our brothers and sisters, our husbands and our wives. America-hating citizens are the perfect example of abusers who want to “teach” us – by abuse, of course – how to live the “right” way (how they wish us to live) and to use every imperfection in American life as an excuse to go on a violent, loud rampage in our home, terrorizing other family members and ruling our home through savage intimidation.

*An environmentalist (and SF legend) named Stewart Brand is beginning to imbue some rationalism into his environmental politics. Stewart Brand has become a heretic to environmentalism, a movement he helped found, but he doesn’t plan to be isolated for long. He expects that environmentalists will soon share his affection for nuclear power. They’ll lose their fear of population growth and start appreciating sprawling megacities. They’ll stop worrying about “frankenfoods” and embrace genetic engineering. "My biggest fear about environmentalism is what I see as a certain Luddism -- that problems are best solved by moving to old ways. Organic farming is one example, resistance to nuclear power, empowering government to make more economic decisions. What all these have in common is a strong traditionalism and change aversion. They show a lack of confidence in humanity's ability to adapt and make choices."

*Geman's (a reporter) straight, just-the-facts-M'am reporting, by letting the lobbyists speak for themselves, quickly makes one thing apparent: The renewable-energy lobby is just another oinker with its snout in the trough -- a special interest group slavering after corporate welfare subsidies, special tax breaks, and market rigging rules.

*"If someone is making your life miserable, either you end your life or you get them out of your way". That's exactly what the voters have been doing on every gay marriage referendum. Striking back against exactly this kind of in-your-face take-no-prisoners this-is-culture-war bullshit. Outing is counterproductive. It's not going to win hearts and minds of the straight, working class, middle American voter. Outing does not improve their image of gays, it makes gays look like Mitch said, like cannibals. Uncivilized, hypocrital, privacy-invading, cheap-shot, dirty-tactic cannibals. If Ken Melman is gay (and nobody has proved he is) then the fact that he is running the RNC is priceless and gays should recognize the tremendous long term advantages he can eventually offer instead of dragging his ass through their ugly militant personal politics, throwing him out of the job, and replacing him with someone much worse.

*Newt Gingrich is America's Winston Churchhill. He speaks brutal truth to a soft nation. Those who know truth embrace it and honor it.....those who fear truth look for others who will ignore it with them.

*Will someone/anyone not spewing the socialist line about free health care, free college, mandatory health insurance, benefits to illegals, hispandering etc please step up and run for President?

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NEW WORDS (from a conservative point of view)
Ecopagan: A dangerously radical pagan or athiest true believer who deems your life worth less than a tree; especially so if you are a conservative, Republican, or Christian. Usually part of the "Save the (Mother) Earth" movement, ecopagans tend to dominate the entire "global warming" leadership as well. Famous ecopagans like Dr. Doom (Dr. Eric R. Pianka) would like to wipe out most of mankind to make the planet more "sustainable". True human (and God) haters, ecopagans are politically always leftists groups and individuals.

Homoradicalism: Diversity-hating homosexuals who cannot tolerate any criticism of homosexuality, especially from any straight, conservative, Christian, or Republican people. Intent on teaching gay, bisexual, and transvestite lifestyles to your children. A dangerous group of radical sexual perverts intent on spreading their perversity as far and as wide as possible, except to muslim lands of course (multiculturalism must be respected). Almost always leftists (98%). Here is a perfect example of Homoradicalism.

Micro-Civil War: Most civil wars begin with the actions of a small fraction of the population (less than 1% might actively participate in or support the initial violence). The future Second American Civil War will be started this way. Civil wars like that of the First Civil War of the United States, featuring conventional armies facing off along well-defined fronts, have been highly unusual. See the Turkish Civil War on the 1970s for more details on this type of conflict.

Monomaniac: 1)Pathological obsession with one idea or subject. 2)Intense concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea.

Petrobillionaire: The foreign leader (always male) from an oil-bearing country; usually the Middle East. Generally a dispicable character who diverts money to radical muslim causes (killing people like innocent women, children, gays, etc ). This klepto-leader embezzles the rest of the countrys' wealth into his Swiss bank accounts to buy expensive cars, homes around the world, and yacht trips with sexy women on board. A dangerous Third World political leader.

Professorinsanity: Academia is the only paying job in America where it doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong about an issue. As long as your university colleagues agree with what you say, you get tenure for life. Your theories can be totally wrong, your predictions completely off base, your analysis of the world fundamentally flawed--and none of this makes one whit of difference. As long as you maintain the politically correct positions on the major issues of the day, the keys to the faculty lounge will remain firmly in your possession.

Robomediation: The process by which your daily casual interaction is done by machine interfaces of various kinds: automated bank tellers, telephone operators by touchtone or voice, DVD automatons, etc. The future is Terminator-friendly. All these automated things are also called “autons”.

Saudis Plan Border Fence
Saudi Arabia has invited bids for the construction of a security fence along the entire length of its 900km (560mile) desert border with Iraq in a multimillion-dollar project that will attract interest from British defence companies. The barrier is part of a package to secure the Kingdom’s 6,500km of borders in an attempt to improve internal security and bolster its defences against external threats. Saudi Arabia is concerned that the chaos in Iraq could cause an overspill of sectarian violence and terrorism. The kingdom claims to be winning the battle against al-Qaeda’s Saudi wing but wants to protect itself against Saudi insurgents returning from Iraq. “There’s no suggestion that the border isn’t secure at the moment, so it could be a bit of an expensive white elephant,” a European diplomat in Riyadh said. Saudi militants join ing the insurgency use other routes, such as Syria. Riyadh is worried by the rise to power in Iraq of the Shia majority, with its close links with Iran, which Saudi Arabia mistrusts. It is concerned that its Shia minority, which is concentrated in the oil-producing eastern province, may become radicalised.

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Let's Make War On China
Leave to the marines to say what needs to be said, but that no one else has the nerve to do. Marine general James Cartwright, commander of STRATCOM (Strategic Command) pointed out that, in the face of increasing hacker attacks on Department of Defense and civilian computer networks, the best defense is a good offense. While many of these attacks are launched by criminal gangs and individuals (most of them amateurs), an increasing amount of the hacker activity is government sponsored, or the work of soldiers or civilians working for foreign government. STRATCOM wants Congress to pass laws that make it easier, or even possible, for the United States to locate, and go after, those who are already waging Cyber War on the United States. Exactly what these laws might be was left open. This is a delicate area. Mucking about on the Internet means stepping on the toes of foreigners. But a lot of foreign governments are asking for it. The Chinese government is not bashful about its Cyber War efforts, although officials are more reticent when it comes to details. It is known that the Chinese government makes use of civilian "irregulars," and even mercenaries, for some of its Cyber War tasks. The question is, who decides when a Cyber War operation is an "attack?" Who determines who the attacker is? A lot of nasty Internet activity has been coming out of China lately, including very targeted attacks on American military bases, and individual military personnel. But, so far, no one is saying much publicly. Probably because to present a lot of evidence of Chinas complicity would let the Chinese know how well they are being observed. STRATCOM has apparently given some closed (classified) briefings to Congress, detailing American vulnerabilities, and possible countermeasures that could be undertaken, if new laws were passed to make some of the move legal. STRATCOM is in charge of American strategic weapons, including warfare via the Internet. STRATCOM is also responsible for keeping an eye on the strategic weapons of other nations.

Why we Hate Journalists
(so good I had to repost here)
The annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of 23 professions just came out -- and journalists were ranked at the bottom. Just 13% of the 1,100 U.S. adults said the occupation of journalist had "very great prestige," while 16% said it had "hardly any at all." Meanwhile, 61 percent said the most prestigious job was firefighter, noting that they also had great buns.

And yet, Hollywood has spent the last 70 years glorifying the role of journalists, while it's made only one Backdraft. Robert Redford and Paul Newman can play journalists on the big screen, but we all know that in real life, journalists look more like me -- pudgy, pasty drunks with moderate to unhealthy obsessions with sports bloopers and Asian porn. Journalism is about as heroic as dentistry. And dentists have cooler instruments. And gas. I'm talking about nitrous, people ? not what I get when I eat burritos.

Reporters are seen as fearless, often risking their lives to speak out against evil corporate bosses or corrupt politicians. But there's nothing more corrupt than a journalist - most choose stories that elevate their reputation among their peers. This is why USA Today continues to spew drivel about vitamins, bullying and global warming - it makes their reporters feel like they're making a difference.

I used to be a print journalist, it's true. But I spent my time doing what all good journalists should do: drinking, punching wallabes, and trying to find my pants. If I could have cloned myself and created a press corps entirely of Gregs, I would have, but until then I refuse to learn how to read and urge you to do the same.

And that's my gut feeling. Greg from Redeye.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Russia's Gone Mad

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Russia's Gone Mad

Relations between Russia and the rest of the modern world have plummeted to new lows this month with Presidential madman Vladimir Putin deliberately sabotaging his countrys' relationship with nearly every single neighboring country. A major diplomatic row between England and Russia continues to expand, with Putin gleefully fanning the flames by expelling numerous British diplomats after London threw out several Russian diplomats over the radiological attack that former KGB agents conducted on England last year. This shocking and unprecedented attack killed one person (a former Russian) and exposed hundreds of people to radioactive polonium, forcing the British into reacting and demanding the assassins be sent to London for trial. Putin has refused and continues to worsen Russian relations with the West by pulling out of the successful CFE treaty in a fit of pique. The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (which was signed in the dying months of the Cold War) is regarded as the cornerstone of stability in Europe. It placed limits on the number of conventional weapons and foreign forces that can be deployed among member nations. And Russia had everything to win by freezing the CFE treaty and the West has very little leverage to stop it. Canceling the CFE agreement is an effort by Russia to undermine US and NATO projects. After years of humiliation, Russia is taking its' revenge. The Americans are weakened by, and bogged down in, Iraq and are unable to stop Russia. Putin also intends to pull out of other treaties that Russia agreed to over the last 20 years, including the hugely successful (and popular) INF treaty and threatening to base cruise missiles and other ballistic missiles smack dab in the middle of NATO countries (see the Kalingrad map below).

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The Financial Times reports that First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov has said Russia could put cruise missiles Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania, if the U.S. goes ahead with plans for a missile defense shield in eastern Europe. “If our proposal is accepted, then the need will disappear for us to place... new weapons, including missiles, in the European part of the country, including Kaliningrad, to counter those threats that... will appear if the decision is taken to place the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic,” Ivanov said in televised remarks.

Also this week, Russia’s ambassador to Britain, Yury Fedotov, has charged that Russian residents and tourists in the UK face discrimination in shops and restaurants and even serious assaults. “I can quote examples where Russians were beaten by youngsters in London,” Fedotov told the Sunday Times. “Tourists, visitors, businessmen. They were severely beaten and the police did not open any investigation on these particular incidents.” Yet offenses committed by Russians are dealt with swiftly and disproportionately, he claimed. “I have an example when a woman had a minor violation, a traffic violation, and she was arrested by police... [and] handcuffed,” Fedotov said. “Maybe that is as a result of the stereotype that any Russian is connected to the mafia.”

Poland and the Czech Republic
Relations with neighboring Poland the Czech Republic have also plunged to new lows as Russia threatened both of those nations with nuclear weapons if they let US defensive interceptor missiles be based in their countries. Russia's highest ranking military officer said that the Poles had better prepare themselves by buying gas masks. This sort of rhetoric was widely condemned by other NATO nations and relations between Moscow and Warsaw plunged to the frostiest levels Europe has ever seen.

Canada and the United States
This week, Russia has seriously irritated the United States and Canada by claiming parts of the North Pole (the underwater Lomonosov Ridge), something that did not amuse the Canadian Foreign Minister. "This isn't the 15th century. You can't go around the world and plant flags and say 'we're claiming this territory'," Foreign Minister Peter MacKay said. Next week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to tour the Arctic, while a massive military exercise "designed to assert Canadian sovereignty in the north" kicks off at the southern tip of Baffin Island. The exercise would include coast guard frigates, navy submarines and military aircraft. The Russians were notably not impressed, with Russian Dum member and leader of the exepidition Artur Chilingarov saying, “Our task is to remind the world that Russia is a great Arctic and scientific power.” It's becoming very clear that we are going to be unable to work with the Russians at all.....unless we are willing to give back Alaska!

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Denmark and Norway
Russia, Canada, the US, Denmark and Norway are at odds over parts of the 1.2million square kilometres of Arctic seabed. The international rivalry in the region has intensified as the world's energy reserves grow scarce and as the melting of the polar ice caps makes the area more accessible for research and economic activity. As well, time is running out for signatories to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to stake their claims to the region, as deadlines loom to prove their rights. Scientists believe warming could open up the famed Northwest Passage to year-round cargo shipping by 2050, as well as lay bare an estimated nine billion tonnes of Arctic oil and gas deposits. Denmark and Norway are also at odds with Russian adventurism in areas of the ocean that they claim, especially in the Artic region. Putin, however, does not seem to be in a helpful mood at all, dismissing all nations claims unilaterally. Yesterday, Washington bluntly warned Moscow that any attempt to claim sovereignty over the Arctic would not be tolerated after Russia planted its national flag under the North Pole on Thursday.

Iran, Venezuela and Syria
Last week, Vladmir Putin also agree to a huge multi-billion dollar arms deal to arm Iran with over 300 super-advanced military fighters, a blatant slap in the face of US foreign policy. The crisis between America and Iran is boiling over into what could possibly be a major military showdown, and Russia is arming Americas' enemies. If it acquired the Flankers, Iran would enjoy a quantum leap forward in its air power capability. Putin also has signed deals with Venezuela, the South American nation that has practically declared war on the United States. Russia has already supplied Iran with modern surface-to-air missile defense systems, intended to protect nuclear facilities from potential Israeli or American airstrikes. Russian officials have defended those sales, saying they are within their rights to sell any nation weapons for its self-defense. Russia is also selling advanced military weapons to Syria as well, including the effective MiG-31. The MiG-31, considered one of the best fighters in the world, can carry guided missiles with a range of more than 200 kilometres (125 miles) and is capable of striking 24 different targets simultaneously.

Luckily, Iran has a few problems. In the world of arms dealing, Iran is notorious as a stingy and unreliable customer. We're not just talking about the big ticket item like the Russian fighter jets. They've screwed thousands of middlemen when they backed out of numerous nickel and dime deals (like rifles, artillery, etc). The Russian are fully aware of this reputation and past dealings, and they'll be certain regarding cash delivery.

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Israel and the Middle East
Russia stirred memories of the Cold War yesterday when the country's senior admiral called for the establishment of a permanent naval base in the Mediterranean for the first time since the Soviet era. Coming a day after an audacious mission to the North Pole to bolster Russia's territorial claims in the Arctic, Moscow's renewed naval ambitions are likely to spread further unease in NATO capitals. "The Mediterranean Sea is very important strategically," Admiral Vladimir Masorin said on a tour of the Russian navy's Black Sea base in the Crimean port of Sevastopol. "I propose that, with the involvement of the Northern and Baltic Fleets, the Russian navy should restore its permanent presence there." His remarks raise doubts about the Kremlin's denial last year of a newspaper claim that new moorings were being built in the Syrian port of Tartus. According to Ivan Safronov, the journalist who died after mysteriously falling from a building in Moscow this year, Russia had also begun to expand the port at Latakia, also in Syria. President Vladimir Putin has been anxious to restore Moscow's influence in the Middle East, signing controversial arms deals with both Syria and Iran that have upset the United States and Israel. If the port plan were to go ahead, Russian vessels and warships from the US Sixth Fleet, based in Italy, would face one another in the Mediterranean for the first time since the Cold War when the Soviet navy was based in Tartus. Russia maintains a symbolic and largely empty logistical facility at Tartus - its only military base outside the former Soviet Union. Washington will be watching both developments with concern.

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