Friday, July 13, 2007

Gary on Iraq and America

Recipe For Massacre
Retired military officer and author Ralph Peters penned a blistering response today to the Washington politicians in both parties who are pushing for a retreat from Iraq, calling them the “cowards on Capitol Hill.” He predicts that if they succeed in forcing a withdrawal, the inevitable result would be “a slaughter of the innocents – so many dead the bodies will never be counted.” He also speculates that Iran will fill the vacuum left by America’s retreat from the Middle East and will effectively take control of Iraq’s southern oil fields.

Peters is far from alone in his analysis. Virtually any military man in Washington will tell you the same. Retired four star General Jack Keane said today that Iran’s operatives are already all over Iraq, providing weapons and advice to literally all of our opponents, whether they are Shiites or Sunni. Iran smells weakness, and you can bet our enemies across the world are picking up the same putrid scent, and likely picking sides. We will be less safe after a retreat, my friends – not more!

Finally, what about the men and women in Baghdad, Fallujah and Anbar Province right now giving everything they have for America? Many of them joined the U.S. military after 9/11 and after the war in Iraq began. Over 3,500 have died and another 25,000 have been wounded. They volunteered for this war because they believed our country was serious about defeating the Islamofascists who attacked us and who right now are planning the next attack on our homeland. This war is not yet won, and it is far from over. Do Reid and Pelosi, Lugar and Voinovich, and the rest of the defeatists even think about what it means to give up and cause the sacrifices of so many to be in vain?

“Anti-War Terrorists”
In previous reports, I have told you about the incredibly intolerant “hate speech” that some on the Left have directed toward our young men and women in uniform. As disgusting as signs like “We support our troops when they shoot their officers” are, that is the price we pay for living in a free society. Our soldiers make incredible sacrifices – leaving loved ones for long periods of time – and must fight and serve under intense conditions against a brutal and vicious enemy, while adhering to the standards of our civilized society. When a few break the rules, it’s front page news for weeks, and they are prosecuted by our government.

But what happens when anti-war activism turns violent? If a soldier were gunned down by an anti-war protestor, would that make the front page? Of course not, and I bet you have never heard of Airman Jonathan Schrieken. I had not until I read a column today by Michelle Malkin in the New York Post. Schrieken was shot in the chest at point blank range on the Fourth of July by an individual who, according to police, was “suffering from mental-health problems.” That may well be true, but it isn’t the full story. The assailant, Matthew Marren, who committed suicide after he shot Schrieken, reportedly left notes full of hatred for the government and the U.S. military, and expressed how he “wanted to go out making a statement.” Instead of writing a letter to the editor or casting a ballot, it appears as though Marren made his “statement” by shooting a soldier on the Fourth of July. Beyond a few articles in local papers, this story hasn’t been touched by Big Media, but, as Malkin notes, just imagine if the scenario were reversed: “What if a soldier had attempted to murder a peace activist over the holidays in order to make a statement?”

The “good news” in this story is that Jonathan Schrieken was not killed and is recovering. But the bad news is that whatever “mental-health problems” Marren was suffering from appear to have infected whole swaths of anti-war radicals, and even young congressional interns, as you may recall, who seem to have trouble telling the good guys from the bad guys. Our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are the good guys who have liberated millions from the tyranny of the Taliban and from the “Butcher of Baghdad.” Today, they are doing their best to defeat an enemy that hides in places of worship, beheads its captives, turns children into human bombs and that has vowed to bring more death and destruction to our shores. May God give them strength and courage, keep them safe and bless their families for the sacrifices they have made!

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