Friday, July 13, 2007

Final Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

Michael Moore might want to take a serious look at illegal immigration when discussing the hideous expense of America's health care system, and here's why:

Traditionally, when people entered the country legally, most did it through Ellis Island. This location was perfect for isolating individuals with diseases and inoculating people wanting to become US citizens. Unfortunately, over 20 million Mexicans have crossed the southern US border in the last 20 years, bringing with them diseases which are now becoming widespread outbreaks all across this country. From tuberculosis to whooping cough, diseases that were once wiped out here are making a stunning comeback. In fact, what prompted me to write this report was my entire family suddenly coming down with Whooping Cough last year, an illness which hasn't been seen in this country in significant numbers in over 50 years. So why the sudden appearance of this disease? The CDC is highly alarmed at the rapidly increasing numbers of these diseases. The actual spread of Whooping Cough is following the immigration patterns of newly arriving Mexicans (see chart below).

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The Spread of Whooping Cough
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Much more deadly diseases like Hanta virus, bubonic plague, diptheria, flesh eating bacteria (known to come from from Central America), and drug-resistant TB are also following the pattern of arriving immigrants, proving that these illegal aliens are the source of these illnesses. Thousands and thousands of Americans are now being killed by these diseases that illegal aliens are bringing to this country, all because a few Democrats want their votes. In the past, anyone showing signs of illness were quarantined by government officials but now they are allowed to roam freely among the populace of America. We have only been extremely lucky to avoid a major outbreak of plague or disease because the overall population of the United States is quite healthy. However, the costs of treating all these sickness' is becoming unsustainable. And what about inoculation? When illegal aliens put their kids into schools, are those kids inoculated? And if they are inoculated, is the average US taxpayer paying for someone from another country's health care? Apparently so. It seems that these illegal aliens, just by their use of the health care system, are a net drain on America's systems. Here in Denver, there are health care clinics that serve only Mexicans; the staff doesn't speak English and they serve hundreds of people every day (I know, I have watched this clinic several times). They even have a motor home that travels around the area, giving medical support to illegal aliens, all on the American taxpayers dime. The charts below show the pattern of the spreading of disease in the United States in the past ten years; types of diseases are noted.

Hanta Virus
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I have spoken to numerous illegal aliens here in Denver, and none of them want to "assimilate". They don't want to become citizens, many just want to earn money to send home and in 10-20 years retire back to Mexico, as a millionaire. By the way, this is causing a MASSIVE flow of money out of the United States and into Mexico as illegals send money back to their home country as nest eggs. These remittances are also one of the main reasons why the President of Mexico and all his government officials are fighting any change in US immigration policy. Well over 100 billion dollars is flowing south, to Mexico, every year. Ending or even decreasing this flow is a very bad thing for the Mexican government. Additionally, many of the Mexicans I talked to want to "take back" the land that America supposedly stole from them. The photo below is making the statement that many Mexicans feel:

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Actually the land in North America belongs to the native American Indians who still live here today: the Comanche, Apache, Sioux, etc. Most Mexicans are descendants from Spain, a European country like England and Germany. Only around 20% of all Mexicans are native to this continent. Additionally, anyone from North or South America are not originally from these areas anyway; they are all from Asia, they are genetically Mongoloid and are not native to the Americas. In fact, as far as I know, nearly every population group in the world are immigrants to their areas, except for maybe the Egyptians and Chinese. All others have moved to their current locations by mass immigration.

Most Americans do not hate immigrants; we are a nation of immigrants and everyone knows their relatives came here from different places. What Americans really want is legal immigration. We are a nation of laws and we want to remain a nation of laws. Why should one group of people not obey the law while all the others must? Without law, we will have a complete break-down of the country; anarchy. People resent it when they have to follow the law but others do not, and such resentment does not bode well for a civil society.

But the millions of Hispanics who have come to our country in the last several decades – and it’s the Hispanics we’re talking about in this debate, not those from other cultures—are, in fact, two distinct groups. The first group is comprised of “immigrants” just like all the others, who have put the old country behind them and want only to be Americans. They aren’t the problem. Indeed, most Americans welcome them among us, as we have welcomed so many other cultures.

The problem is the second group of Hispanics. They aren’t immigrants – which is what neither the Democratic or Republican leadership seems to understand, or wants to acknowledge. They have come here solely for jobs, which isn’t the same thing at all. (And many of them have come here illegally.) Whether they remain in the U.S. for one year, or ten years – or for the rest of their lives – they don’t conduct themselves like immigrants. Yes, they work hard to put roofs above their heads and food on their tables – and for this we respect them. But they have little interest in learning English themselves, and instead demand that we make it possible for them to function here in Spanish. They put their children in our schools, and don't pay the property taxes to support those schools. They don’t always pay their taxes – or insure their cars.

In short, they aren’t playing by the rules that our families played by when they immigrated to this country. And to ordinary Americans this behavior is deeply – very deeply – offensive. We see it unfolding every day in our communities, and we don’t like it. This is what none of our politicians either understands, or dares to say aloud. Instead, they blather on – and on – about “amnesty” and “border security” without ever coming to grips with what is so visible, and so offensive, to so many of us – namely, all these foreigners among us who aren’t behaving like immigrants.

So, we in America would like an end to this "debate". Close down the illegal alien pipeline to the south and enforce our laws equally and justly. No one wants lawbreakers to roam the country, committing crimes whenever they want. And they do commit crimes; fraud is a felony, stealing someone else's Social Security is a crime, stealing someones' identity is a crime. This happened to my best friend Robyn. Some Hispanic woman in New Jersey stole her identity, bought a $300,000 home in her name (and made no payments), ran up huge bills in her name, and got 4 DUI's (which caused Robyn to lose her drivers insurance, flagging her to the problem). Many everyday Americans are suffering, physically, financially, and emotionally from the massive influx of illegal aliens, all for the purpose of a cheap vote. Even President Bush, who I have supported wholeheartedly, has foolishly ignored his own party to endorse a sweeping (and destructive) immigration policy for America. Hopefully the madness will end soon.

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