Monday, July 02, 2007

Commentary from Gary

Same-Sex “Marriage”: Just Say “No”
A just-released Pew Research poll shows support for same-sex “marriage” has dropped in the last year. Pew has had a liberal bias on this issue in the past, so it is significant that even it now shows waning support for redefining the institution of marriage. The Pew study shows 57 percent of the public is now opposed. (By the way, when the public actually gets a chance to vote on the issue, opposition usually exceeds 65 percent!) In addition, according to the survey, support for “civil unions,” which entail giving same-sex couples all the legal benefits of marriage without using the actual word “marriage,” has also declined to below 50 percent. And, finally, by a 50 to 34 percent margin, the public believes society is harmed when more and more same-sex couples raise children. So, even after year after year of media bias on marriage, as well as autocratic judges in various states ordering Americans to accept same-sex “marriage,” the public continues to say “no.” That’s encouraging. Now we have to make sure that what the public believes actually matters when it comes time for our office holders to write laws.

Britain In The Crosshairs
British authorities continued their efforts today to stay ahead of an Islamist terrorist cell that has tried, with minimal success, to carry out three deadly attacks in recent days. More arrests have been made, reportedly including two men who are doctors at Glasgow, Scotland hospitals. The analysts keep telling us Europe’s problem is that too many young Muslims haven’t been integrated into the economic mainstream. But many of the Islamofascists arrested in recent years are not poor at all but well-educated professionals. In fact, the man suspected of being the “ringleader” of the most recent series of bomb attacks, Mohammed Asha, is described as a “brilliant” neurologist working for Britain’s National Health Service. The problem isn’t economics, but rather the death-worshipping philosophy that countless Islamists have bought into.

For years Britain “slept” as a danger grew in the heart of the nation. Lax immigration policies allowed countless Islamofascist “troops” to enter Britain and put down roots. Now, after the July 7th London transit bombings two years ago, and other thwarted attacks, Britain is awakening to the magnitude of the challenge it faces.

Some leaked reports suggest that as many as 2,000 suspected terrorists are under surveillance and as many as 30 active plots may be underway. One law enforcement official said, “We can’t keep track of them all.” Brace yourselves—there are bad days ahead for our allies as well as the U.S. until this “cancer” is removed.

Conservative Talk Radio Is The Fairness Doctrine

Liberals in Congress continue to push for the reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine,” the mis-titled government regulation requiring broadcasters to present competing sides of controversial issues. The Federal Communications Commission abolished the doctrine in 1987 but, now, 20 years after its demise, a number of prominent liberal congressmen have expressed interest in bringing it back.

Of course, the reason why conservative talk radio has been so successful is no secret: It is virtually the only place half the country can go to hear a conservative worldview. It succeeds because conservative ideas resonate with many Americans. To put it another way, in a fundamentally conservative country where most of the media lean left, conservative talk radio IS the Fairness Doctrine. But this doesn’t mean the Fairness Doctrine won’t be re-instated at some point, possibly after the 2008 election if a Democrat is elected president. That is why Congressman Mike Pence, himself a former radio talk show host, has unveiled legislation preventing the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine.

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