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Who is a Hero?

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I am soooo sick and tired of hearing that anyone who is anyone is a "hero". The real heroes are the ones who don't risk their lives for money, as in paid positions like police and firemen. They are average everyday people who perform deeds beyond that of any other person. Villains too need to be highlighted, so here is a list of both:

Adam Silvis: Here is a true hero's story: a young man comes across a woman (Ms. Conner) who is leaning over another woman (who is bleeding) in the woods. Ms. Conner tells Adam that the other lady is just having a miscarriage but Adam is suspicious and runs home, calling the police. He saved the bleeding womans life and Ms. Conner is arrested for trying to cut the unborn baby out of the bleeding ladys womb. Here is more.

Liviu Librescu: At age 76, Librescu was among the thirty-two people who were murdered in the Virginia Tech massacre. On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho entered Norris Hall Engineering Building and opened fire on classrooms. Librescu, who taught a solid mechanics class in Room 204 in the Norris Hall during April 2007, held the door of his classroom shut while Cho was attempting to enter it. Although he was shot through the door, Librescu prevented the gunman from entering the classroom until most of his students had escaped through the windows. He was struck by five bullets, with a shot to the head ending his life. Of the 23 registered students, one, Minal Panchal, died. A number of Librescu's students have called him a hero because of his actions. One student, Asael Arad, said that all the professor's students "lived because of him." Here is more.

Mark Bingham: He died at age 31 in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on board United Airlines Flight 93. Bingham is believed to have been among the passengers who attempted to storm the cockpit to try to prevent the hijackers from using the plane to kill hundreds or thousands of additional victims in Washington DC. Here is more.

Matt Drudge: Brilliant online newsman and blogger, Matt Drudge now has over one billion online hits. Here is his website. He paved the way for all bloggers on the Web. Thanks Matt!

Jesus of Nazareth: No one has done more for more people than Him......

Vladmir Putin: Why is he a villain you might ask? Well, he has destroyed democracy in Russia and decided to engage in a series of world-wide assassinations (including some in America and England) and also pointedly stated that he will now point nuclear-armed missiles back at Europe. A real monster who will hopefully leave the scene soon, Putin has apointed KGB agents to nearly 80% of the federal posts within his government; a devastating blow to democracy in Russia.

Michael Moore: Nuf said......

Crystal Magnum: False accuser of the Duke Lacrosse Team, Crsytal has done more damage to women than anyone I can think of in the last 20 years. Because of her, many women will not be believed when they claim they were raped. Sadly, the innocent Lacrosse team also endured being ostracized from their peers and threatened with death by the new Black Panthers during the process of being exonerated. Truly a evil woman.

Moqtada al-Sadr: Radical Shiite muslim cleric in Iraq, this man is responsible for many deaths of US soldiers and a significant part of the deterioration of the situation in Iraq. Also, he is the possible "False Prophet" of the New Testament (he introduces the world to the Anti-Christ).

Rachel Corrie: A dispicable left-wing disciple who went to the Palestinian territories to burn US flags in front of our enemies. Here is the picture, YOU decide if I am correct. Here is a more detailed article on the looney lefty woman.

An Unnatural State of Affairs
There are now a dozen refugee camps in eastern Chad,
holding nearly 400,000 people (30 percent from Chad, the rest from
Darfur.) There are only 235 Chadian police providing security, meaning there
is no security at all. Various Chad and Darfur irregulars and bandits
raid the camps at will. A lot of the violence is from locals, who find
themselves competing with large numbers of refugees for scarce
resources, like wood for cooking, or water. The Chadian army is in the east, but
its main concern are rebel groups that might head for the interior,
the capital and an attempt to overthrow the government. The refugees are
someone else's problem. The trouble is that "someone else" doesn't have any soldiers.
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Well, America has seen some real significant gains in the last week:

First, the Democrats (shockingly) have passed good legislation banning foreign aid to Saudi Arabia. Of the 19 men that attacked the US on 9/11 a total of 15 were Saudis and that country continues to massively fund Wahabi radicals around the world, including within the United States. Here is the rest of the article.

Second, teachers in Washington state now have the right to say where their union dues are going. Some teachers filed suit because their union was supporting radical agendas that they disagree with. The Washington state supreme court said that groups had more rights than individuals, but the federal Supreme Court reversed this decision. Here is more of the article.

Third, Colorado Representative (and Presidential runner) Tom Tancredo has finally got his bill through the loopy Congress. After blasting so-called "Sanctuary Cities" for years, he finally got the Congress to ban funding to cities that refuse to work with federal law enforcement officials in deporting illegal aliens and possible terrorists. See here for more.

American Inventor
Well, a new TV show called "American Inventor" has been on for awhile but I didn't see it until two days ago. One of the very best inventions was (foolishly) passed up by the reviewers. The "finger piano" is brilliant and I would buy one, once the technology is more developed. Here is a more detailed article on this way cool item.

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Stealing the Past
The end of the Cold War turned out to be something of a
bonanza for military historians and archeologists. That was because,
after eighty years of hot and cold war, many military bases, on both
sides of the Iron Curtain, were finally being closed down. This meant that
many military warehouses were to be emptied. Some of these, it turned
out, had not been opened for decades, and some contained crates of
weapons and equipment half a century (or more) old. Not a lot of treasures,
unless you were a military historian. But lots of interesting stuff nonetheless.

Actually, there were some treasures. Some of the older weapons were,
technically (as they were more than 25 years old), antiques. This was
especially the case with pistols, bayonets and ceremonial swords. Some old
Russian warehouses yielded czarist era uniforms. These quickly
disappeared into the black market, which sometimes happened on the other side
of the Iron Curtain as well. In Eastern Europe, and especially Russia,
weapons were quickly snapped up, for a bribe or a proper payment, by
gunrunners. While most of these recycled weapons, that largely ended up
in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, were AK-47s and RPGs, there were
some elderly machine-guns, machine-pistols and mortars from the 1940s and
50s, and even earlier. The Russians, in particular, preferred to store
old weapons, rather than throw them away. That was OK with guns, but
not with their ammo. That stuff went bad over time, becoming unstable
and prone to exploding if disturbed. As in moving it out of an old
warehouse. This caused many anxious moments, and provided lots of work for
the EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) teams. Some of the older ammo was
sold, at bargain prices, to uninformed buyers. This later led to some
spectacular spontaneous explosions at some Asian and Arab ammo dumps.

Not a lot of press releases were put out about these activities. It was
not a glorious moment, and often embarrassing. Some of the
housecleaning turned into criminal activity, when rare weapons, or other items got
looted. In short, the brass were eager to get those old warehouses
cleaned out, and often torn down, as quickly as possible. Too bad, as a
lot of interesting history disappeared along the way.

The Left has been Hijacked by the Radicals

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