Sunday, June 17, 2007

Immigration, Nuclear War, and Russia

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The REAL Immigration Numbers

The immigration debate is something that I have really been interested in. From the enormous amount of illnesses that illegals bring across the border (the the resulting sicknesses and deaths) to the overall costs of allowing these people to stay ($1 trillion dollars in Social Security funds by 2040 alone), this issue has been at the forefront of my thinking and I will be blogging for several days on this point. I have several questions that I would like you (the reader) to ponder:

Can we successfully absord 20-30 million people all at once? The answer is probably no. In large areas of Denver, Colorado and especially so in neighboring Aurora, entire neighborhoods and businesses are written in Spanish. It is very clear that they do not want to assimilate. Spanish speaking radio and TV is booming in Colorado, again showing their lack of wanting to become Americans.

Can America successfully absorb the costs of the health and social security needs of 20-30 million new people? Definately not. The entire Social Security system is in jeapardy and will certainly be bankrupted by adding millions more to the rolls. Also, huge numbers of latinos take advantage of the medical system in the United States; hospitals cannot turn away people seeking help, local health care services are being used soley by latinos, etc. Actually, when you go to the local hospitals here in Denver, almost all of the people in the waiting rooms are latinos. Illegal immigrants know how to use the system, and according to information from the government and think tanks, they take far more then what they give into the system:

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Another major problem of the immigration debate is that large numbers of latinos do NOT want to become US citizens. I have spoken to many of them here in Denver and they don't want to become citizens, just take our jobs and this idea that they take low-paying jobs is just not true. Many high paying jobs here in Denver, including construction, are almost exclusively latino. This huge rise in cheap labor is also gutting the pensions and unions in this country. Since the 1990s, pensions have been slashed (see below).

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Also, wages in the United States have been flat for more than ten years, coinciding with the large influx of immigrants into the United States since the Clinton presidency. In fact, if wise investors hadn't moved their money from the nearly flat investment of banks into high-yield stocks then the US middle class would have been utterly decimated in the last ten years.

It is more apparent than ever that big business and their government allies want a whole slew of cheap labor, under-cutting the middle class here in America. Evil wage-cutting corporate leaders are not only outsourcing US jobs: they are allowing low-wage illegal immigrants into this country. We need to begin classic populist measures: term limits, initiatives and referendums at the national level, and uncompromising cultural warfare against media and political elites. Thee media and elites wholesale abandonment of patriotism and core middle-class values show them who they really are: enemies of the people of the United States.

Israel set to nuke Iran
The most serious threat in the Middle East is not the war in Iraw, nor the Palestinian conflict, it is the imminent nuclear destruction of Iran by Israel if that country gains nuclear weapons. Iran has basically declared all-out war against Israel, which they have threatened to "wipe off the map". So rants Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is understandable why Ahmadinejad might want an arsenal of nuclear missiles. It would allow him to shake down a constant stream of rich European emissaries, pressure the Arab Gulf states to lower oil production, pose as the Persian and Shiite messianic leader of Islamic terrorists, neutralize the influence of the United States in the region — and, of course, destroy Israel. Let no one doubt that a nuclear Iran would end the entire notion of peaceful global adjudication of nuclear proliferation and pose an unending threat to civilization itself. Denial of the holocaust is also one of Ahmadinejad's favorite past times.

Holocaust denial is a tired game, but Ahmadinejad’s approach is slightly new and different. He has studied the Western postmodern mind and has devised a strategy based on its unholy trinity of multiculturalism, moral equivalence and cultural relativism. As a third world populist, he expects that his own fascism will escape proper scrutiny if he can recite often enough the past sins of the West. He also understands the appeal of victimology in the West these days. So he knows that to destroy the Israelis, he, not they, must become the victim, and Westerners the aggressors who forced his hand. “So we ask you,” he said recently, “if you indeed committed this great crime, why should the oppressed people of Palestine be punished for it? If you committed a crime, you yourselves should pay for it.”

Ahmadinejad also grasps that there are millions of highly educated but cynical Westerners who see nothing exceptional about their own culture. So if democratic America has nuclear weapons, he asks, why not theocratic Iran? “Your arsenals are full to the brim, yet when it’s the turn of a nation such as mine to develop peaceful nuclear technology, you object and resort to threats.”

However, Israel will not just sit idlely by and let Iran get nuclear weapons. Already, several Arab states have told Israel (under the table, of course) that their aircraft would be allowed to over-fly their terrtories on bombing runs deep into Iran. The destruction of the Iranian capital, Tehran, would most likely result from such an agreement, along with most of Iran's nuclear infrastructure. You see, no one in the Arab world would weep if Tehran was destroyed and Israel must now show (more than ever) their will to defend themselves, whatever the cost. I believe that if America does not attack Iran, then Israel surely will, with devastating nuclear consequences for the entire region and the world.

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Worldwide Natural Gas Reserves
Madman (and Russian President) Vladmir Putin is trying to form a illegal world-wide cartel involving natural gas. The cartel of OPEC already has a strangle-hold on most of the worlds' oil and now Putin is trying to hinder more energy from flowing to the West by creating a new cartel designed to limit the amount of natural gas (thus raising the price) to Europe and Asia. Luckily Russia no longer holds most of Central Asia and the "stans" that make up the region (Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, etc) need money badly to sustain their floundering economies, thus new pipelines are being built through Turkey to suppliers who want to buy natural gas. One interesting note; cartels are illegal under the world governing bodies of the WTO and G8. This is bad for the world economy and hopefully can be avoided.

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