Friday, June 22, 2007

Commentary by Gary

They Are Coming After Conservative Talk Radio
The signs are unmistakable. The newly empowered radical Left that controls Congress is looking for ways to muzzle or render ineffective conservative talk radio. A liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress, issued a report yesterday charging that 91% of weekday talk radio is conservative, compared to the nine percent that is liberal. They then ominously suggest that this imbalance is a violation of the license standards which require radio stations to act "in the public interest". To these ideologues, "public interest" means espousing liberal propaganda! Almost immediately liberal members of Congress announced that they would reintroduce legislation to regulate the content of radio shows, legislation ironically misnamed the "Fairness Doctrine." (By the way, the Supreme Court struck down that doctrine in 1987.)

That's not all. Conservative Senator Jim Inhofe said this week that he overheard two liberal colleagues discussing how they wanted to control conservative radio shows, and the sentiment appears to be bi-partisan. Senator Trent Lott shocked his conservative friends when he said we have to "do something" about talk radio because of the criticism of the immigration bill from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

This would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. Academia is already dominated by the Left and every other media venue “ the big three networks, cable, public radio, newspapers, etc. -- dish out a constant stream of liberal pabulum. Another study this week showed that nearly 90% of political giving by journalists went to Democrats. Talk radio is conservative because it is virtually the only place half the country can go to hear a conservative world view. To put it another way, friends, conservative talk radio IS the Fairness Doctrine.

This is just the latest attempt by the liberal majority to squelch freedom. First, it was "lobbying reform". that targeted grassroots communications. Then it was "hate crimes" legislation aimed at our pulpits. Next, it's payback to the big labor unions that will take away the right of employees to secret ballot elections on unionizing the workplace. And, of course, once you're forced to join the union, you'll pay an additional tax on your wages in the form of compulsory union dues, part of which will be spent on electing more liberals to public office. How "democratic" is that?

"Good News For America"
While liberals in Congress insist the war in Iraq is "lost" and a "grotesque mistake," the first major operation of the surge ordered by President Bush is underway in Diyala province, north of Baghdad. Our soldiers are going on the offensive, routing Al Qaeda terrorists, but the fighting is fierce. Here's a description from Brigadier General Mick Bednarek: "It is house to house, block to block, street to street, sewer to sewer. These thugs are fighting to death, which is actually a good thing because if they don't cut and run like cowards, I have full confidence in our military to eliminate them."Reports today suggest nearly 70 Al Qaeda fighters have been killed, and every one of these thugs that our troops kill is one fewer homicide bomber, one fewer jihadist coming here and plotting another 9/11. Our soldiers are fighting vicious enemies who would love nothing more than to bring America to its knees. They are defending our freedom, and their mission is a noble cause “not a grotesque mistake". Every red-blooded, patriotic American should be able to comprehend that.

In his most recent column, retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters offers this assessment of the current offensive: "And let's not lose sight of our own national-security priority, which is defeating al Qaeda. Terror International is having a really bad time in Iraq these days: More and more Sunni Arabs are breaking with al Qaeda and its affiliates over their insufferable brutality. The Baquba-area operations involve former enemies now fighting on our side against the foreign terrorists. That's not just good news for Iraq. It's good news for America."

“Evil Bush, Trying To Force His Religion On Everyone, Vetoes Research, Condemns All Americans”
Yes, I know that is an unusually long headline, but it accurately sums up virtually every story in the Big Media today about President Bush’s veto yesterday of the embryonic stem cell research bill. And, of course, it is 100% wrong. I happened to be in the East Room of the White House yesterday when the president vetoed the legislation. I’m not happy with several recent decisions by the president – the immigration bill and funding of Fatah being at the top of the list. But on this issue, President Bush is absolutely right. Here’s the truth you won’t hear from the Big Media propagandists.

1. The veto does not prevent or block embryonic stem cell research. It does prevent the government from forcing you to pay for it with your tax dollars. The research continues around the country.

2. Embryonic stem cells are not the only option for life-saving cures. Stem cells from umbilical cords, placentas and amniotic fluid show just as much, and in many cases more, promise for cures. In fact, adult stem cells have actually provided successful treatments for scores of individuals with a variety of illnesses.

3. The evidence is overwhelming that many of those pushing for the right to destroy human embryos in order to harvest cells have a larger agenda – unregulated human cloning.

The ink from the president’s veto pen was barely dry yesterday by the time Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Howard Dean had all condemned the president with the same theme Big Media has used in the last 24 hours: science should not be limited by morality. They are wrong. That is one dangerous idea, my friends. Of course science must be restrained by moral thinking just as every other aspect of life – from economics to politics – should be. German scientists helped develop the gas chambers of the Holocaust. American scientists used poor blacks as guinea pigs without their knowledge. Australian scientists have fertilized a pig’s ovum with human sperm. The “pig-man” that started growing was killed in a few days. Science without moral guidelines ought to frighten us all.

Speaking Of Your Money…

As I reported yesterday, the administration’s initial response to the outbreak of violence in the Palestinian territories is to throw more money at the problem. The administration has announced plans to funnel $40 million through the United Nations for relief in Gaza, and it is also requesting another $86 million from Congress. But, apparently I’m not the only one uncomfortable with the decision to send American tax dollars to the terrorist thugs in Gaza and the West Bank. Representative Mike Pence of Indiana reportedly plans to introduce legislation to block these efforts to open up your check book given the chaos there. In an interview yesterday, Rep. Pence said, “I have grave concerns that we would set aside our current preconditions for support in the wake of this emergency. What we ought to be doing is reconsidering our policy. Right now we’re at a time when Hamas is sitting behind the desk of government buildings in Gaza City wearing ski masks and holding AK-47s. It’s hard for me to see where we can provide any funds directly or indirectly to supplement or support what is an emerging terrorist Palestinian state.” I couldn’t agree more. Kudos to Rep. Pence!

Cracks In The Coalition
The leftwing coalition of usual suspects behind most of the aggressive efforts for the liberal agenda is cracking up as a result of competing interests in the immigration “reform” debate. Yesterday, the AFL-CIO announced its opposition to the Senate’s “grand compromise” bill, as did several “immigrant-advocacy” groups, such as the Hispanic Federation and the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC. Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO blasted the bill, saying, “This takes a problem we have and, instead of solving it, makes it worse.” Brent Wilkes of LULAC said, “It’s important for us to be able to walk away from a bad bill, and that’s what we’re asking Congress to do.” The AFL-CIO is concerned that the temporary worker program creates a new source of cheap labor that will depress American wages. The “immigrant-advocacy” groups say the bill is “too harsh” on illegal aliens, and they object to the proposed visa point system that favors English proficiency and job skills over family ties. As opposition to this “grand compromise” increases, support for the bill becomes increasingly indefensible, and the arrogance of the politicians promoting it becomes more and more obnoxious.

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