Thursday, May 10, 2007

From Gary

More Thoughts on Jersey Jihadists
If past patterns hold, in a few days the story of the six men arrested in New Jersey on charges of plotting a massacre of U.S. troops at Fort Dix will drop out of the news. It shouldn’t. Here are two lessons the plot holds for big media, left wing politicians and Americans ready to “cut and run” from the struggle against Islamofascism.

Lesson One: Our best defense against domestic enemies already in the U.S. is an involved citizenry. The plot was uncovered because an unnamed store clerk became suspicious of the contents of a tape the men dropped off that they wanted to convert to a DVD. The clerk’s vigilance went against the grain of political correctness. He risked being laughed at. He could have been sued for “racial profiling.” The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has already filed suit against airline passengers who were concerned about the suspicious behavior of six imams on their flight. But when legislation came before the House of Representatives to protect citizens who do come forward from lawsuits like CAIR’s, 121 liberals voted against it. We should tell groups like CAIR to “take a hike” and make it clear we want our citizens to err on the side of vigilance.

Lesson Two: We can and will continue to have the debate about whether Islam is a “religion of peace” or not. But here’s the bottom line: self-described Islamists are at war with us. They have killed us and are planning to kill more of us in the name of their faith. I welcome every Muslim who wants to join us and fight these thugs – I hope many of them will. But, in the meantime, we have to clear the cob webs out of our head and get on with the business of defeating these murderers. How were these six men radicalized? What mosque did they attend and what was being taught there?

This is simply the latest in a string of incidents: March 2006, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, an Iranian student at UNC tries to turn a rented SUV into a weapon of mass destruction by driving into a crowd of students. He later told the court that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.” July 2006, Naveed Afzal Haq opens fire on a Jewish community center in Seattle, killing one and wounding several others because, “I want these Jews to get out.” August 2006, Omeed Aziz Popal targets San Francisco pedestrians with his SUV, killing one and sending 18 more to the hospital. February 2007, Sulejmen Talovic, an 18 year-old Bosnian Muslim, opens fire at a shopping mall in Salt Lake City, killing five.

Oh, and one more thing: At least three of the men arrested in the plot to attack Fort Dix were in the U.S. illegally! Ironically under a lot of the “amnesty light” immigration proposals being pushed by Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and yes, even the White House, they could have become citizens. We’ve got to stop the lunacy! Fox News reports today that federal investigators are trying to determine how the three Duka brothers, half of the “Fort Dix Six,” got into this country. There is speculation that they may have been smuggled across the border. Two years ago, FBI Director Robert Mueller testified before Congress that illegal aliens from Middle Eastern countries were coming into the U.S. with false identities. Any debate on immigration “reform” must make U.S. national security its top priority by first securing our borders. Then we should start seriously considering ways to keep Saudi-funded Wahabbism and radical Islamists out of the country.

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