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Europe and Jessica Lynch

Old Europe, New Europe
Our relationships with the old states of Western Europe is over, and good riddance! We need to forego the siren call of that decrepit continent, and ignore its dried out dugs. America has better opportunities for strategic alliances with other, rising nations, than Germany and France. The primary intellectual goal of Western European societies for the past half century has been to prove that the United States is as cruel and corrupt as they themselves have been. When your heritage is genocide, wars of aggression, or cowardly surrender, the record of the United States can be hard to bear. No continent has exported as much misery and slaughter as Europe has done, and the chances are better than fair that Europe is only catching its breath after the calamities it inflicted upon itself in the last century. And Europe has hypnotized us by making us believe that that continent has continued power and importance.

France and Germany are Europe's starkest problems. They wish to lead, but lack the vision, power, and generosity required to build enduring alliances. Germany and France are sick inside, having gobbled up immigrant populations they are unwilling and unable to digest. For all their fabulous criticism of American society (where their calendar stopped around 1954), the extent of racism and bigotry in continental Europe rivals that of a long gone American South and threatens to exceed it. With a blighted economy, stifling laws, a welfare mentality, and a shriveled, incompetent military that is no more than an employment agency for uniformed bureaucrats, Germany, like France, is in decline. And states in decline never make good allies--they consume resources and energy, while giving little or nothing in return. And it will take 1,000 years for Germany to pay for the sins of killing the Jews, gays, poles, etc during WW2. Also, we as Americans has made a terrible mistake about France, allowing that bankrupt, savage colonizer a seat on the Security Council of the new United Nations. Since the end of WW2, France has continually dispatched mercenary thugs to Africa to murder blacks in the name of liberte, egalite, et fraternite.

Behind all the America scolding and empty swagger Europe is uncertain of its future. And afraid. And when Europe is uncertain and afraid, its impoverished immigrants and neighbors had best start worrying. The real trouble with Europeans is that they have a dark side. If its racist populations feel sufficiently threatened by the Muslim millions within their divided societies and by terror exported from the Islamic heartlands, Europe may respond with a cruelty unimaginable to us today. After all, Europe is the continent that mastered ethnic cleansing and genocide after a thousand years of practice. The real question is how much longer the self-destructive streak shared by France and the Germans will continue to plague the rest of that bloodstained continent. Although Western Europe will pull through its current malaise, it offers us little beyond unstable alliances and devious trading partners. Nor will we be able to expand our influence in Europe, new or old. We passed our high-water mark on that continent over a decade ago.

No country is more important to and intertwined with our present and future than Mexico. Yet who among us knows anything about the Mexican Revolution, a long and terrible struggle that prefigured the other great rebellions of the twentieth century? Which continental European state has the potential of Brazil? Yet we play closer attention to the Netherlands. Latin America has entered a period of decisive change for the better, but we show more interest in France--that vicious child among nations--than we do in all the states between the Rio Grande and Tierra del Feugo. The only mutually beneficial strategic alliances we could build for the twenty-first century all lie to the south. The Republic of South Africa is methodically constructing a postmodern empire--similar in many ways to that of the United States--that will make it the greatest native power the continent has ever seen. Our response? We treat that rising nation as Togo with vineyards.

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Since the end of the Cold War, every conflict in which the United States has been involved has been to some degree a legacy of Europe's colonial era--including the liberation of that Frankenstein's monster of a state, Iraq. We are cleaning up the messes left by Paris, Berlin, and even London, while Europeans chide us self-righteously.

One of the worst mistakes people make today is to assume that, since Europe is so piously anti-military and "soft" today, it will remain so tomorrow. Violence towards other cultures is deeply--ineradicably--embedded in the European branches of monotheist civilization. It is only a matter of time when the violence will re-emerge, what form it will take, and whether that violence will prove antithetical to US values and interests.

Europe does not, will not, and cannot assimilate immigrant communities from other countries. Americans would be foolish not to recognize that Europe is far more volatile than those endless, soporific pronouncements from Brussels would have it.

Europe has turned inward before and it remained to through much of the Middle Ages, only to look outward with a vengeance during its five-hundred-year colonial phase. If we examine history objectively, Europe has been the least consistent, least predictable sub-region of the world, full of nasty surprises for everyone else. Europe is historically manic-depressive. Contrary to popular wisdom, Europe is far less steady and dependable than the United States. While Europeans view themselves as the masters of the arts and civilization, their historic behavior has more closely resembled that of today's soccer hooligans. We Americans may find
ourselves in the unexpected position of confronting the Europe of tomorrow as we try to restrain its barbarities toward Muslims.

Given the right threat, Europe--or key parts of Europe--may prove every bit as ferocious as in past centuries. Certainly, it is hard to imagine this today. But it is always difficult to foresee the sudden changes that keep human history so painfully interesting. Europe has been as great a danger to the world as the Middle East is today--and most of the earth's population would call it a greater one.

Because of European intervention, Africa continues to suffer recurrent bouts of bloodshed because of the colonial legacy of dysfunctional borders that either force tribes together that do not want to be together, or divide tribes and peoples between multiple states, although they believe they belong together. The European-drawn map of Africa simply does not work as designed, and the old colonial powers left these borders intact as a curse; meanwhile, Africa's independent, artificial states are struggling to function the way Western models insists they should. Now, painfully, Africans are trying to create chances, against daunting odds. Not every country will survive, and we must expect a great deal of turmoil as this region attempts to fix itself after being massively damaged by external forces.

The coddling of dictators by Leftist Europe is also a travesty. In their eyes, the human rights of one dictator are more important than the human rights of millions of citizens he oppresses. The sorry truth is that Europeans love to cry over corpses, but won't lift a finger to prevent the killing in the first place. They shake their heads over the Holocaust, though their parents were happy enough to pack the local Jews off to Auschwitz. The French grudgingly accept that their intellectuals defending Stalin long after evidence of his crimes came to light, but they avoid the issue of how many of their thinkers and artists admired Hitler and profited from the Occupation (French cafes and cabarets boomed under the Nazis). And what there ever an African dictator the French didn't adore? The Dutch criticize America's military as trigger-happy, but their own troops didn't fire a shot in defense of the Muslims of Srebrenica, who they had been tasked to protect and whose slaughter was the worst single massacre on European soil since the end of the Second World War. Today, Europeans dismiss their historical guilt towards Jews by insisting that Israel is as bad as Nazi Germany--a Big Lie worthy of Hitler and Goebbels--while cheering on Israel's genocidal enemies.

No one should doubt that Americans are the greatest force for good in human history.

Jessica Lynch: Coward and Left-Wing Patsy
Well, former Private 1st class Jessica Lynch has decided to help the Democratic Congress wage an all-out war against our own military. In Democrat-sponsored morale-busting efforts last week, Lynch the former hostage taken by Iraqi forces during the first year of the occupation of Iraq, spewed out a series of ugly attacks against the US military, and several US generals in particular. She actually testified that she didn't fire her sidearm in defense of her fellow troopers, making her a coward in my eyes. Apparently her gun jammed but maybe it was because she didn't maintain it properly? Guns just don't randomly jam. Think of it; you are under heavy enemy attack, your fellow soldiers are dying all around you, and you don't fire a shot......unbelievable. And yet she felt as if telling this to the Congressional Hearing and the entire world would make her some sort of herione. To speak the truth is apparently far more important than winning a war. Riiiight. She blamed the media and the military of lying for their own gain. On April 24, 2007, Ms. Lynch said before the congressional committee that “the bottom line is the American people are capable of determining their own ideas of heroes, and they don’t need to be told elaborate tales”.

Earlier in the day, Pat Tillman's brother Kevin also testified; both he and Jessica Lynch talked about misinformation and hype relating to the battlefield and how the military lied and twisted reality for propaganda purposes. She also met with the Tillman family and compared her incident in Iraq to Pat Tillman's in Afghanistan saying that "Our stories are similar". She began her testimony by noting for the record that her appearance was not politically motivated. Right.....

Here a more devastating article (on the American Thinker blog) on how the media and elites are waging war against the US military (click here)

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sites
Ever wonder exactly where the strategic reserve of US petroleum is? Well here is a map of a few of them:

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