Friday, May 11, 2007

Divided We Fall by Gary

Divided We Fall
It’s been more than a week since President Bush vetoed the war funding bill passed by the Democrat majority on Capitol Hill, and today House Democrats are going to vote on legislation that would only fund the war for two more months, with another vote on additional funding in July. This piecemeal approach is no way to fight and win a war. It sends the message to our enemies, our allies and our soldiers that America is not fully committed to victory, and in two months time Congress could completely change its mind and vote to cut off the funds. Congress should either fund the war or defund the war. Give our soldiers the support they need to win or get them out. Don’t just string them along.

But, as usual, there is a story behind the story. The reason Congress can’t get its act together is due to the deep divisions within the Democrat majority on Capitol Hill. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, exit polling from 2006 did not find that retreat from Iraq was the main issue that drove voters to the polls. Yet that is what the leadership of the party believes because the radical Left now dominates the party of Truman and JFK. Just consider this recent headline from the New York Times: “Antiwar Group Uses New Clout To Influence Democrats on Iraq.” The Times article outlines how the radical antiwar Left, led by groups such as George Soros’ MoveOn.Org, is calling the shots on Capitol Hill. Here’s an excerpt:

“Every morning, representatives from a cluster of antiwar groups gather for a conference call with Democratic leadership staff members in the House and the Senate. Shortly after, in a cramped meeting room here, they convene for a call with organizers across the country. They hash out plans for rallies. They sketch out talking points for ‘rapid response’ news conferences. They discuss polls they have conducted in several dozen crucial congressional districts and states across the country. …Behind the scenes, an elaborate political operation, organized by a coalition of antiwar groups and fine-tuned to wrestle members of Congress into place one by one, has helped nudge the debate forward.”

Did you get that, my friends? “Every morning” the congressional leadership calls in to get its marching orders from the radical Left. To reinforce the point, the Times further notes that MoveOn.Org recently sent a letter to the Democrat leadership demanding that any war funding bill include a timeline for retreat or “the unity Democrats have enjoyed … will immediately disappear.” That unity is already showing signs of stress as Capitol Hill sources are buzzing about a recent shouting match between House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI), who is prone to using colorful language, and antiwar liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH).

However, Republicans, too, are showing signs of stress. Several reports this morning indicate that a cadre of House moderates went to the White House Wednesday for a private meeting with President Bush. Their message: Iraq is hurting our reelection. Fear can make people do strange things. At a time when courage is needed most these members of Congress are behaving like craven politicians – not the statesmen and leaders America desperately needs. We are at war. And some things, like victory for your country, are more important than the next election. If they think a difficult war is hurting their reelection prospects, I can guarantee them that a defeated U.S. military leaving Iraq under fire won’t help them either.

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