Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Beginning of the End

We need to nuke Iran, now. I am serious. But not the kind of nukes you are thinking about. I am talking about EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which is a type of nuclear warfare which can literally send a country back to the Stone Age with one bomb. You see, when you detonate a nuclear weapon a pulse of energy is sent out which burns out all electronic components, rendering things like computers, missiles, and power grinds useless. When you detonate a nuclear bomb high enough in the atmosphere above a target no one is killed by the blast and an entire country can be blanketed with EMP from a single attack. To permanently get rid of the threat that Iran poses, I recommend using this type of attack. Instead of trying to build nuclear bombs themselves, the entire nation will be coping with things like trying to get enough food to eat, and bring the electrical grid back online.

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First, very few Iranian will be killed and Iran will no longer be a threat to anyone. Second, it is critically important that the United States appears strong before the Russians and Chinese go any further in threatening our national interests. Both of these countries have become decidedly hostile to the US in the last few years and it is mainly because they perceive our country as being "bogged down" in Iraq, unable to defend our critical interests around the world. In a single blow, the US can knock out Iran totally from the world picture and also remind our enemies that we can and will fight. This type of spoiling attack will free our hands in Iraq as well, since no one in the Middle East will mess with the United States after we started throwing a few nukes around. One nuke costs a couple of million dollars, invading Iraq (and inevitably Iran) costs billions, so you do the math. The "inconceivable idea" of using nukes shouldn't be inconceivable at all; it is a weapon in our arsenal that should be used from time to time so as to remind people around the world that the United States will enforce Pax Americana (world peace through US military strength). Eventually the US should deploy space satellites that can destroy aggressors and killers within minutes of our decision to do so. The physical key to the next military revolution will be attack systems permanently deployed in near space that can (on order) destroy the vehicles, aircraft, missiles, and ships of any aggressor anywhere on the planet the moment a hostile actor violates or even threatens the territory of another state or entity--or uses military means to disrupt the internal rule of law in his own state. These space satellites could create a true Pax Americana and we could even collect defense taxes from states that benefit from our actions to partially fund and maintain the system. Whether we eventually choose laser, hypervelocity or yet-to-be-determined attack systems, it is easy to visualize a US Peace Force watching and waiting above the skies, prepared to open fire the moment an armored vehicle from an aggressor state enters a universally defined demilitarized buffer imposed on all states. The least hostile military action would bring down a rain of fire from the heavens, destroying an attacker's military inventory, whether he has deployed it, hidden it, or simply left it behind in garrison. This could be the world's first disarmament program that works. This is our choice: shall we dominate the Earth for the good of humankind? Will we protect our citizens? Or will we continue to defend the rights of monsters? If we are willing to fight for the future, to act in confidence and justice, we may create something akin to a golden age--so long the stuff of myth--for humanity. We will never be able to prevent every violent act, but we may be able to eliminate traditional wars, mass violence, and the use of weapons of mass destruction. If we have the courage, we can serve mankind. If we prove cowards, the future may make the dying twentieth century look like a paradise.

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Relations between the United States and Russia have plunged to an all-time low. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has begun a major campaign of psychological and cyber warfare against the West in general and the United States in particular. Assassinations of people in both the US and UK (including using nuclear agents causing death) have occurred and Putin's KGB background is serving him well in other various plots as well. Flush with oil revenues (which the West stupidly gives him), Putin has decided to move against the United States specifically, calling us "Nazis" last month during a worldwide address. Relations with Europe have also plunged to new lows, especially with Germany and the United Kingdom. Also, Russia under Putin had declared economic warfare against Poland, cyber war against EU member state and NATO country Estonia, threatened both Czech and Poland for even thinking about letting defensive US missiles into their countries, working against the EU in regards to Kosovo and Serbia, disrupting oil and gas sales to pro-Western countries like Georgia and Ukraine, and stepped up a massive spying campaign in the US, seeking to steal military and economic secrets from that country.

Why is Putin trying to derail relations with the West? No one is sure but part of his overall plan is making Russia financially sound and the massive increase in oil and gas prices around the world has significantly lifted his country's monetary problems. The vast oil and gas fields in Russia have created a sound base for economic growth, which was the main reason why Reagan got the Saudis back in the 80s to lower world oil prices (it eventually bankrupted the Soviets). This reason still applies today and we should seek to lower the amount of money flowing from the West into hostile hands like Russia and the Middle East.

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An expert on Russian intelligence was shot and critically wounded in front of his home in suburban Washington, D.C., just days after he charged that the Russian government was behind the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. Paul Joyal, who works for a Washington-based government consulting firm, was shot on March 1 by two men in his driveway. The shooting raises suspicions of Russian involvement, given that critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin: journalists, politicians, and others at times end up suffering violent deaths.

Days earlier he had said on "Dateline NBC" that "a message has been communicated to anyone who wants to speak out against the Kremlin: If you do, no matter who you are, where you are, we will find you, and we will silence you in the most horrible way possible." Joyal was an acquaintance of Litvinenko, who died a lingering and painful death from effects of poisonous polonium-210. Litvinenko died in a British hospital last November. Before succumbing to the effects of polonium-210, a rare radioactive isotope produced almost exclusively in Russia, Litvinenko made a shocking accusation: He stated that Putin ordered his death to silence him.

Moscow fired off an adamant denial. Why would the Russian leader do such a thing, the Kremlin argued. After all, Litvinenko had exiled himself to Britain after being released from a Russian prison. Since Putin took office, 13 journalists have been murdered in Russia after defying him. Almost all of those deaths happened under strange circumstances, and no prosecutions have resulted. Other victims include a banker, a potential president of the Ukraine, and an oil executive, all of whom were considered enemies of President Putin for one reason or another. For Putin, this decline of basic human rights is not a problem. He has called the breakup of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century."

Now Estonia has called on its NATO allies for support against the Russian cyber-attack on their nation, in retaliation Poland is blocking all Russian deals with the European Union, and England is demanding the export of the assassin who killed Litvinenko; but Russia is refusing. I am sure that if he was questioned and threatened to pay for his crime that he would reveal his KGB background, and that Putin directly ordered the murder of Litvinenko.

A carrier battlegroup or two always calms down a critical situation. Just knowing that massive warship with 100 top-rated airplanes with the worlds best fighter pilots is sitting off your shores makes murderous leaders think twice. Look at Moammar Gadhafi and the Gulf of Sidra crisis. In 1981 Gadhafi tried to annex a large portion of the Mediterranean Sea, claiming it as Libyan territorial waters and calling it the "line of death"; crossing over it would invite a military response. The US and many European nations disagreed however, citing the global Freedom of Navigation Act (a 12 mile limit of claims to the sea by nations). The USS Nimitz (a large aircraft carrier) was sent to the region and Gadhafi decided to attack. When his forces were utterly destroyed Gadhafi calmed down and revoked his "line of death". Under threat of US retaliation, Gadhafi has since reversed his bellicose threats in the 1980s and recently gave up all nuclear weapons materials his country had been working on for the last 30 years. Massive firepower always intimidates and most radical leaders like Gadhafi and Kim Jong-Il want to survive another day to torment their citizenry. The best thing we can do for our allies in the long-term is to be resolute and so strong that they value their alliance with us all the more. Remember, the utter destruction of Carthage brought centuries of local peace for the Roman Empire, while the later empire's attempts to appease barbarians consistently failed.

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*Congress has transitioned--without realizing it--from a proactive legislative body that shaped the country to a reactive body that struggles to catch up with the dynamism of our culture, economy, society, and technology.

*Give Americans a cause, or provoke them, and they will fight. But they want to win and preferably win big. Aroused, Americans are bloody-minded. It is another myth that Americans don't like body counts--they insist on knowing the score, and it had better be in their favor. Our national weakness is not cowardice, but impatience.

*History will declare that a significant portion of the blame for the suffering and loss of September 11, 2001, lies with the former President Clinton, who, despite his personal revisionism, disgraced himself and failed our nation. As terrorists successfully bombed a US barracks in Saudi Arabia, two of our embassies in Africa, and one of our warships, the Clinton administration barely pretended to retaliate, encouraging gloating murderers to ever more daring attacks. Cowardice is never a good strategy, and one's enemies do not simply disappear. We must stand up to foreign threats wherever they arise, promptly, and with ferocious resolve.

*Calls for multiculturalism are perhaps the greatest threat to democracy in the United States since the Civil War. The US is a unified culture with multiple roots and cannot function as a democracy otherwise. When voters begin to perceive themselves as Tibetans or Animists first, the melting-pot process that has served democracy so well reverses itself and a centrifugal effect comes into play. Proponents of multiculturalism and linguistic relativism in the West are unwittingly supporting re-tribalization. Although apt to picture themselves as the true champions of democracy, they are its mortal enemies. Democracy along ethnic lines brings you Yugoslavia. Democracy along religious lines brings you Nigeria. Democracy in a collapsing economy brings you Algeria. Democracy under all three conditions brings you the former Soviet Union.

*Clooney to Bush: stop the war in Darfur. As if Bush had any real power over that situation. Maybe Mr. Clooney should criticize the Chinese for the genocide occurring there. Communist China is supporting the murderous central government in Khartoum for oil investment rights in that huge desert country which is located south of Egypt.

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*Most civil wars begin with the actions of a small fraction of the population (less than 1 percent actually).

*The so-called Greenhouse Theory is absurd, and here is why. CO2 changes do not account for the highly variable climate changes we know the Earth has recently had, including the Roman Warming, the Dark Ages, the Medieval Warming, and the Little Ice Age. It also does not explain recent temperature changes: most of the current warming occurred before 1940, before their was much human-generated CO2 in the air. After 1940, temperatures declined until 1975 or so, despite a huge surge in industrial CO2 in that period.

*Evil wage-cutting corporate leaders are not only outsourcing US jobs: they are allowing low-wage illegal immigrants into this country. We need to begin classic populist measures: term limits, initiatives and referendums at the national level, and uncompromising cultural warfare against media and political elites. Thee media and elites wholesale abandonment of patriotism and core middle-class values show them who they really are: enemies of the people of the United States.


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