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From Gary

Al Qaeda & Iran
Two reports in recent weeks clearly demonstrate the threat that the Iranian regime poses to peace in the Middle East and beyond. The first report, from the Associated Press, noted that Iranian-made weapons were recently captured by coalition forces in Afghanistan. We have known for some time that Iranian-made IEDs were being used in Iraq, but now it appears as though the mullahs in Tehran are expanding their sights and exporting weapons to aid Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. The second report from a British paper, The Sunday Times, is far more disturbing.

According to a British intelligence report, Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq are planning a “large-scale” attack on Britain and other targets on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” While it would be easy to dismiss this claim as little more than bravado on the part of the terrorists, no one disputes their desire to see not just thousands killed, as happened on September 11th, but tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands. And if given the means to carry out such an attack, no one should question the willingness of the jihadists to try. Regardless of the means, intelligence experts are taking the threat seriously – if for no other reason than Al Qaeda may be feeling desperate to “do something soon that is radical” to avoid “losing credibility.” Here’s more from the British press:

“The report … appears to provide evidence that Al-Qaeda is active in Iran and has ambitions far beyond the improvised attacks it has been waging against British and American soldiers in Iraq. There is no evidence of a formal relationship between Al-Qaeda, a Sunni group, and the Shiite regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but experts suggest that Iran’s leaders may be turning a blind eye to the terrorist organization’s activities.”

There are plenty of reasons to assume that is precisely what is going on. We have known for some time that senior Al Qaeda leaders are in fact operating in Iran. The Washington Post reported in February that Tehran is holding Osama bin Laden’s son and several dozen Al Qaeda fighters “under house arrest.” Given Al Qaeda’s interest in harming the United States and Iran’s interest in seeing us humiliated in the Middle East, it seems highly improbable that bin Laden’s son is wasting his days playing Scrabble “under house arrest.”

Meanwhile, the news out of Saudi Arabia today is not encouraging – 172 militants were arrested in a massive security sweep that took in a huge cache of weapons and more than $32 million. The thugs arrested were supposedly planning to carry out suicide attacks on public officials and oil facilities, and some were taking flight training.

Hope For The Future
What is the most pressing concern facing America’s youth today? Is it global warming? Can it be racial discrimination? Well, according to a new poll of youth, “family breakdown” tops the list of concerns for young people, while getting married and having children are overwhelmingly popular life goals. These findings come from a new study by New America Media, which asked 601 youths, eighty percent of whom were born in California, a series of questions about their goals and concerns. Twenty-four percent of respondents chose “family breakdown” as their biggest concern, followed by violence in local communities (22%), poverty (17%) and global warming (14%).

The survey also found that 90 percent of the youths, who were interviewed by cell phone, said it was very likely or somewhat likely that they would “be married or have a life partner at some time” in their lives. A similarly overwhelming majority said they were very or somewhat likely to have children. And, in what will come as a surprise to the secularists, the survey found that 73 percent said that religion and spirituality were very or somewhat important to them, and only 3 percent of youths said they had no religious expression in their lives.

How should we interpret these findings? Sandy Close, executive director of New America Media, said the survey indicates that there is a “deep yearning for traditional structures and values.” They should also provide a glimmer of hope that the time-honored values of family and faith will persevere.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bomb Bomb Iran!

*Turkey continues its slide into Islamic chaos as Christian workers in a Bible publishing house are murdered (see here)

*People handing out Bibles arrested in America (see here for story)

*Muslims beat journalist in Canada (see here)

*Christian fined $5,000 for refusing to perform gay marriage (see here)

*Tennessee House vote permits guns in more places (see here)

Constitutionally Right has the deal on the devastating court decision against free speach regarding gays (see here)

Austin Bay has an good article on Yahoo's collaboration with the Communist Chinese (see here)

Jeff Gannon has a great article on Democrats and defeatism (see here)

Nate Nelson over at RealityMuggedMe has a good article on the French political showdown (see here)

Iran's Nuclear Facilities
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Hamas' Fractured Future
Locked in an escalating political tug-of-war with its secular opposition, the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Hamas movement may be experiencing an internal power struggle of its own. Observers say that the terrorist group-turned-government could be splintering into three distinct movements. The organization’s traditional leadership, including president Ismail Haniyeh and military commander Khaled Mishaal, is said to be reinventing itself as political “moderates” in order to better monopolize Palestinian politics. A second group of former government ministers – known as the “rejectionists” for their opposition to the concept of a unity government with the ousted Fatah faction – is seeking a return to Hamas’ ideological roots. Finally, the most radical faction, which is believed to be behind the abduction last summer of Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, is intent on ratcheting up pressure on Israel through hostage-takings and prisoner exchanges.

Hamas’ internal turmoil may not be good news for Israel, however. Authorities in Jerusalem have expressed worries that the split taking place within Hamas will make it harder to deal with the organization. Palestinian sources confirm these fears are well-founded, warning that "Haniyeh is not able to make decisive decisions because of the opposition he is facing from top Hamas leaders and activists.” (Jerusalem Post, April 12, 2007)

The Myth of Most Rebel Movements
Americans have to understand something very important, and fundamental, about politics in South America, and many other parts of the world. Most Latin American "revolutions" have been about which faction of the elite is currently in power, not about any fundamental change in how things are. They chose to call themselves "Socialists" or "Conservatives" as a matter of convenience, and in the hope of getting support/sympathy from abroad. Even Fidel Castro came from this culture. His father was an officer in he Spanish Army, who fought against Cuban independence, and later made sure Fidel had a healthy education in anti-Americanism. Our "friends" down there are the same as our enemies, but represent a difference of opinion among the ruling class, as to how best to keep the right kind of people on top of things.

Typically, the rebels are children of the upper and middle classes, and when the rebels succeed, they replace one form of police state with another. Often, the rebels impose a more oppressive form of government, which is, in due time, pisses too many people off, is overthrown, and replaced with a kinder and gentler form of the same old economic and political oppression.

The major problem in South America has always been a lack of economic freedom. Without that, most of the population stays poor, and unhappy. Talk of social justice in South America is usually just talk, because the wealthy families are very reluctant to let competition arise. They note, even if only instinctively, that the average family fortune in the United States only lasts about five generations. That fact is also lost on most Americans, because the celebrity driven media focuses on those few family fortunes that have lasted longer. The many great fortunes that just fade away over a few generations are not compelling news. But the new fortunes that replace them are, and that's what you see much less of in South America, and many other parts of the world where entrepreneurs are viewed as disruptive and a danger to the existing order.

But all the prosperous economies are driven by entrepreneurs, and "new money." That's what's behind the economic revolution in China, and the biggest danger to the Chinese Communist Party. Even the Chinese communists realized that without economic power, their political power was worth very little. But many countries are run by rich folks who are willing to strangle the national economy in order to preserve their positions. China let the entrepreneurs loose again, and now you have many of the new fortunes earned by families that had prospered under the empire. The talent is always there, if only those in power are willing to take a chance on change.

The curse of the hidebound is predominant throughout the "developing" world. Even in the African countries, that came out of colonialism with their first set of borders and government bureaucracies, the better organized and more aggressive families quickly grabbed money, and power. After that, the main purpose of politics was to hold on to the goodies, not do something that would benefit the entire nation.

Phony Doctors Bring Down the Chinese Army
For the second time in a year, the Chinese government has to crack down on medical clinics pretending to be part of the military medical system. Why is that? The Chinese armed forces are the last vestige of the old communist social system. That is, the army had its own factories, farms and medical system back in the day. Like all organizations in a communist nation, the organization tried to be self-sufficient. The government forced the generals to sell off the farms and factories (because the officers were spending too much time getting rich, and not enough time being soldiers.) But the military health network is still one of the best sources of medical care in the country, and companies have been pretending to be military medical clinics, and offering to sell, via mail, miracle cures. People are inclined to believe that, not only does the military have this extensive medical system, but special drugs and miracle cures as well.

Last Summer, sixteen such clinics were shut down. But the use of email spam, some print ads, a public desperate for cheaper medicines, and the too many crooks out there eager for a fast buck, brought the scam back stronger than ever. Now there appear to be dozens of these military medical scams out there. The government is moving quickly to shut these swindles down, partly because the military already has a reputation for being corrupt and inefficient. The Pentagon believes otherwise, but who are you going to believe?

The return of this military medical scam comes at an inconvenient time as well. The government has announced a new crackdown on corruption in the military, with a new round of audits and investigations to kick off on March 1st. Corruption in the Chinese military is an ancient, and seemingly intractable, tradition. But the government knows that, until it cleans it up, China will never have a truly modern and effective force.

Life for Women in Islamic Societies
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From Gary

Ban Toilet Paper?
Pop singer Sheryl Crow had a busy weekend. Saturday night, Crow and Laurie David, a producer of Al Gore’s eco-fiction “An Inconvenient Truth,” decided to mix it up with Karl Rove over global warming at the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner. According to numerous press reports, Mr. Rove didn’t take too kindly to their interruption and heated words were exchanged. I’m willing to give Rove the benefit of the doubt, especially if Ms. Crow was attempting to explain her latest theory. In an effort to save the planet, the environmentalist Left has devised a “brilliant” plan – ban toilet paper. No, I’m not making this up. Ms. Crow has been traveling the country on her “Stop Global Warming College Tour,” visiting our institutions of higher learning and preaching from the “Gospel according to Gore.” She has maintained a blog on her web site, and here is part of her entry from April 19th:

“I have spent the better part of this tour trying to come up with easy ways for us all to become a part of the solution to global warming. Although my ideas are in the earliest stages of development, they are, in my mind, worth investigating. …I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting. …I think we … can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required.”

Given the source, it would be easy to dismiss such bizarre statements. (You may recall Crow once informed us that her foreign policy solution to terrorism and war was “not to have enemies.”) But, these folks are serious. Last month the New York Times ran a 2,200 word report entitled, “The Year Without Toilet Paper,” about a Manhattan couple that well, you get the point. Granted, Ms. Crow admits she’s only in the “earliest stages” of developing her thoughts, but I have wonder how she plans on enforcing this. Does she propose we start rationing toilet paper so you can buy only one roll a week? Should the government require metered dispensers in every bathroom assessing taxes on excessive square usage?

The fact that Sheryl Crow can indulge herself by pondering how much toilet paper we consume is a testament to the greatness of our country, and our extraordinary liberty and opportunity. At the same time, it demonstrates yet again just how out of touch Hollywood liberals are with Main Street, U.S.A., where most folks are more concerned about paying their bills, protecting their kids, and preserving our prosperity.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Gary

Murderer Hated Christians
Cho Seung Hui’s videotape, made during an “intermission” in his murder spree, is filled with hatred toward American culture, wealthy people, and Christians. At one point the killer says, “Jesus loved crucifying me…he loved inducing cancer in my head, terrorizing my heart and ripping my soul…” He signed his written letter and had written on his arm “Ishmael Ax,” a Muslim spelling, many believe, for the son of Abraham. Moreover, he also referred to the “martyrs like Eric and Dylan.” That would be Columbine murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 12 students and a teacher this same week in 1999. Only one faith embraces this perverted view of “martyrdom” whereby the murderers are celebrated as martyrs, and it’s not Christianity. No, I’m not suggesting a jihadist connection. But the jihadists have embraced Cho and his murderous rampage. Jihadist websites are praising the killer, with some even assigning him Muslim “martyrdom” names and asking Allah to bring more destruction to America.

Radical Left “Discredits” Motherhood
The culture war erupted once again yesterday when the Supreme Court issued its decision upholding the 2003 federal ban on partial-birth abortions. For example, in his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote:

“In a decision so fraught with emotional consequence some doctors may prefer not to disclose precise details of the means that will be used, confining themselves to the required statement of risks…

“It is, however, precisely this lack of information concerning the way in which the fetus will be killed that is of legitimate concern to the State. …The State has an interest in ensuring so grave a choice is well informed. It is self-evident that a mother who comes to regret her choice to abort must struggle with grief more anguished and sorrow more profound when she learns, only after the event, what she once did not know: that she allowed a doctor to pierce the skull and vacuum the fast-developing brain of her unborn child, a child assuming the human form.”

But for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg all this talk about a mother’s bond with her baby in the womb was just too much. In her dissenting opinion, Ginsburg bitterly retorted:

“Because of women’s fragile emotional state and because of the ‘bond of love the mother has for her child,’ the Court worries, doctors may withhold information about the nature of the intact D&E procedure. …

“This way of thinking reflects ancient notions about women’s place in the family and under the Constitution -- ideas that have long since been discredited.”

If any view is “discredited” here, it is the one that suggests a woman ought to feel nothing for the baby growing in her womb. There is infinitely more compassion for a woman’s “health” in Justice Kennedy’s statement than in Ginsburg’s.

Needless to say, the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday generated a lot of reaction on both sides. While the decision was a narrow 5-to-4 ruling, the American people are not so divided. Various polls over the years measured the public’s support for this procedure at roughly 25%. Clearly, those who defend partial-birth abortion are well beyond the vast majority of mainstream thinking, and into the uncompromising extremes of the pro-abortion ideology. But today they are angry and mobilizing. Here is a small sampling of reaction from the Left. From NOW: “The senators who voted to end the Democratic filibuster, thus allowing Alito to join the court, must be reminded that their failure led to this day. …This is a clarion call for feminists, progressives… We must link arms and say ‘No more.’” From the Feminist Majority: “Principled supporters of women’s health and safety in the Senate must stand up against any future Bush appointments to the Supreme Court who will not uphold Roe v. Wade…” And their allies on Capitol Hill have wasted no time in taking action. Today, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) introduced the Freedom of Choice Act to codify Roe v. Wade in federal law, provide taxpayer money to pay for abortions, and invalidate all state restrictions, such as parental notification and waiting periods.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VA Tech, Guns, Taxes, and Abortion

I am trying a new format:

The United Nations will force you to be circumsized: see here

Giuliani praises todays partial-birth abortion ban: see here

More on Liviu Librescu here

The grave danger of "gun free zones": see here

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Hugh Hewitt has more on the partial birth abortion ban here

Matt Sanchez has more on Cho here

Nate Nelson of Reality Mugged Me has more on "Ismail Ax" here

AmericanThinker has a brief blurb on the rise of radical Islam here

Austin Bay has thoughts on preventing Columbines and VA Tech incidents here

From the Religion of Peace
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The Law: In January of 2007, both houses of the Virginia legislature barred colleges from expelling students who were showing signs of serious mental illness, including ones who had tried to kill themselves. Apparently this law is coming back to bite the Virginians right on the ass. Cho had been ruled mentally ill by a court in 2005 but couldn't be banned from the campus because of the law passed by the Virginia congress. Maybe lawmakers shoudl stick to what is vitally important, and leave decisions like this to individual universities and organizations? Only a local group can tell if someone is a danger and threat to them on the local level, not some lawmaker in a distant capital somewhere else.

Gun Control: The law to ban firearms from campus has also badly misfired back in the direction of Virginia Tech University. The state of Virginia banned all guns from campus in April 1st, 2006, with lawmakers saying "it would make campuses' safer." Most public colleges in Virginia ban or restrict guns on campus but the root of that authority is murky, according to some observers. Virginia law already prohibits students or visitors from carrying guns onto the grounds of public and private K-12 schools. The state also prohibits concealed weapons in courthouses, places of worship during a service, jails and on any private property where the owner has posted a "no guns" notice. State employees are barred from possessing guns while at work unless needed for their job, but Virginia code is silent on guns and public colleges. So VA Tech leaders decided to ban guns on campus to make it "safer" for the students. Actually the reverse is true; if even one student had had a gun that fateful day, he or she could have saved themselves and their fellow students. Many lives could have been saved that day if one person was armed in Norris Hall and sometimes it takes dozens of minutes or hours for police to arrive and secure a location, so keep in mind that you are responsible for your overall safety. The police cannot always save you and the chief of the Blacksburg police department actually came out and said that it was "impossible" for them to secure a campus the size of VA Tech; another reason why citizens shoudl be armed for their own safety. That was why militias were formed in the early history of the United States; law officers were few and far between and citizens were forced to defend themselves in many kinds of situations. Today, Americans are facing the same thing: defend yourself or die.

VA Tech President: Two people have been killed on campus, including a dorm monitor, and the campus closes down 3 hours later? This extremely bad decision directly led to the deaths of 30 people and the VA Tech university should pay the price for their stupidity. The head of the school, Charles Steger, should resign for his horrible decision to keep campus open. If a grocery store or office building had someone killed in it, they would be forced to close, so why not a university? Lawsuits from the parents of the dead students are sure to follow in light of this idiotic decision to keep the school open after the killings of the first two students. And I would like to pose a final question; just how many students have to die before a university closes itself down?

NBC News: should not be releasing the "manifesto" and video by Seung-Hui Cho. He deliberately sent it to them for a reason; to be popular. NBC is fulfilling his last (creepy) goal. Cho is a member of what I call a "Kill Cult". Kill Cultists kill their fellow human beings (in the largest numbers possible) to gain notoreity. In the future, Kill Cultists will become a club, as it was with the Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Kledbold. They want to be famous, to stand out in the middle of a faceless society; and if they kill large numbers of humans then their names will forever be remembered. We should do everything in our power as a society to disempower Kill Cultists: refuse to publish their names, their so-called "manifestos", and any videos of themselves. Kill Cultist are different than other mass killers in that they seek fame for their misdeeds and don't mind dying in the process (most apparently expect it). Kill Cultist members wil try and "out-do" previous mass killers in numbers of victims. It's horrible...

Gun Control: Liberals are now screeching for more gun controls laws here in America. This is a dispicable use of a tragedy for political gain and should be rejected by all citizens. It was the gun control laws that caused this horrible nightmare in the first place: if students at VA Tech were armed, they could have saved themselves, their professors, and their fellow man.

Your Taxes
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The REAL Heroes

Virginia Tech Shooting
In the aftermath of this horrific shooting, I would like to personally praise Liviu Librescu, an Israeli professor and Holocaust survivor who bravely shielded his students from certain death from a crazed madman in Virginia yesterday. I have never felt so proud of someone as Mr. Librescu; a true hero. America salutes you sir and your family. May the peace of God rest on you and yours, good sir. Damon

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Three Things (from David)

Terror At Virginia Tech
Evil went on a rampage at Virginia Tech yesterday. The latest reports indicate that as many as 32 students have been killed and 28 others wounded by a gunman armed with two 9mm handguns, who reportedly killed himself. As is usual when this type of violence takes place, facts are hard to pin down and confusion reigns. How could one gunman do this much damage? What were his motives, personal or ideological? If it is true that the killing spree extended across the campus over a three-hour period, why was law enforcement and campus security unable to stop it sooner?

For now we must pray for the families whose lives have been shattered today with the news of the loss of their sons or daughters. And pray, too, that this country will once again, in an age when death stalks us and evil is “quickening,” turn to the God who demands of us that we choose life.

Another Call For Withdrawal
Before leaving for their spring break, liberals on Capitol Hill sent President Bush an emergency war funding bill for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq that included an unconscionable demand that the United States surrender in Iraq. President Bush has vowed to veto the bill, setting up a potential clash between Congress and the Commander-in-Chief. But today, Speaker Pelosi and other liberals eager to see the U.S. leave Iraq without victory found new support. Six Iraqi cabinet ministers have reportedly resigned their positions in the government in an effort to pressure Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to accept a timetable for U.S. soldiers to leave Iraq.

Are these six Iraqi ministers representative of the Iraqi population? No. All six are loyalists of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who wants the United States out of Iraq. Al-Sadr takes his orders from Tehran, which also wants the United States out of Iraq. Do Nancy Pelosi and Senator Reid feel at all uncomfortable that America’s worst enemies have now embraced their agenda? While I am not questioning anyone’s patriotism, I do believe that prudence demands we question the judgment of anyone who suggests we ought to do what our enemies demand.

Lawrence Strikes Again
America continues to suffer in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ill-considered 2003 opinion in Lawrence v. Texas. The day after that decision was issued, I wrote, “Once the highest court of the land says that ‘privacy’ outweighs the compelling interest a society has in promoting family, and reliable standards of right and wrong, there is no place to draw a line.”

Since then, radicals have used Lawrence to challenge laws against same-sex “marriage,” polygamy, homosexual adoptions, and now even incest. According to an April 5th Time Magazine article, attorneys for an Ohio man convicted in 2004 for having sexual relations with his 22 year-old stepdaughter will argue that their client’s relationship should be protected under the Lawrence decision, which in very sweeping language found that homosexuals have a right to engage in private, consensual activity. Unfortunately, this is not the first case to challenge state incest laws, and it won’t be the last so long as robed radicals masquerading as impartial judges insist that “we the people” have no authority to “legislate morality.”

Virtually all important laws reflect someone’s moral worldview. In the on-going battle between the Judeo – Christian world view and radical secularism, America’s choice couldn’t be clearer.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lebanon, Lesbians, and Americas' Second Civil War

Lebanons' Civil War
I have always said that it was the introduction of the Palestinians into Lebanon that sparked the civil war but no one believed me. Now here is proof(from Yahoo News):

The bullet-scarred bus sat rusting in the spring rain, on display for all to see what triggered Lebanon's 15-year civil war. Christian gunmen ambushed the bus as it carried Palestinians on April 13, 1975, sparking reprisals that spiraled into warfare between Lebanon's Christians and Muslims, killing 150,000 people.

On Friday's anniversary of the war's start, the bus became the centerpiece of a commemoration ceremony. Someone had scribbled "No to civil war," on a white board hung amid photos of the death and destruction. "I love Lebanon," another contributor wrote.

Lebanon is as divided today as it was 32 years ago. Threats of another civil war loom over this small Mediterranean nation, home to 18 religious sects. The country has been paralyzed since November by a power struggle pitting Western-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, who is supported by many Sunni Muslims, against the opposition, led by pro-Iranian Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah.

The sectarian tensions, brewing since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005, are unnerving the Lebanese. Their fears are reinforced as rival politicians accuse each other of rearming.

However, no major political party, including Hezbollah, advocates going back to a time when kidnappings, car bombs, mortars and assassination were regularly used to subdue the other side.

"We don't want civil war ... No one wants to burn down his country over political differences," Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said last week. Still the tensions have turned violent on several occasions.

Most of the old faces from the civil war are still in power — or their sons and grandsons. One of them, Karim Pakradouni, a leader of the Christian Phalange Party, attended Friday's commemoration.

"I am responsible for and a participant in the war," he told The Associated Press.

At the outset, he said, the civil war's aim was to prevent the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Many in Lebanon at the time resented the growing power of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which had effectively created its own state within Lebanon.

But Pakradouni said the war turned into a "struggle for power.""I regret having taken part in the war to acquire power. But I'm proud of taking part in it to prevent the resettlement of Palestinians in Lebanon," said Pakradouni.

Bazzi, the former militia fighter, said it was immature to blame the civil war solely on politicians and militia leaders.

"The people are to blame too. No one is innocent in Lebanon," he said. "In any civil war, the whole society is guilty — there are fighters, there are witnesses and there are cheerleaders."

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A larger version of the map above is HERE

Lesbian Haters
OK, so I work out at DIA and one of the gate guards is a lesbian. A big time lesbian. Her car has all sorts of weird (and vile) stickers on them saying how wonderful vaginas are (gag me!). It was fun at first to meet Jodie, she was kind to the small bunnies that inhabit the airport, shooing them away from incoming cars (and danger). However, when her attentions turned to her fellow man, it was quite a shock (and I beat a hasty retreat, never to speak to her again). You see she thinks all straight adoptions should be illegal. She said gay adoption should be legal but "straight men are just looking for a second wife when the adopt little girls". Of course I found this sort of thinking (and speaking) shocking. How could someone who cares for the welfare of little animals dispise her fellow man so much? I have met numerous people who act this was as well; my co-workers wife treats the (pathetic) little Pekinese dog they own with more affection than her husband. I guess somewhere in these peoples' minds they think animals are more important or have more worth and value, than other human beings. A sad testimony for todays culture.

PS: If, when you meet a member of the same sex, you think of them only in a sexual way, there is something seriously wrong with you. We are not supposed to think of people completely sexually, but in a caring, helpful, giving way. FYI.

Random Picture from the Net
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The Second US Civil War
Civil wars like that of the United States, featuring conventional armies facing off along well-defined fronts, have been highly unusual. Far more typical have been the conflicts such as those in Algeria, Colombia, and Sri Lanka: where small numbers of rebels using guerilla warfare have gained partial control of territory wihtin a country for years despite expensive and brutal military campaigns against them. However, the United States faces a far more dangerous and destructive type of civil war, brought on by leftists in this country using major universities as indoctrination sites. The Soviet civil war and take over after the last Czar is more like what the US faces today, and a serious study of that conflict is worthwhile. More recently, the Turkish Civil War of 1977-80 is a better example of the violence that is shaping up in America.

During that conflict in Turkey, fighting among local militias and paramilitaries aligning themselves with "the left" or "the right" killed more than 20 people per day in thousands of attacks and counterattacks, assassinations, and death-squad campaigns. Beginning with a massacre by rightists in the city of Kahramanmaras in December 1978, the left-right conflicts spiraled into ethnic violence, pittting Sunnis against Alawites against Kurds against Shiites in various cities.

As in Iraw today, the organization of the Turkish combatants has highly local and factionalized, especially on the left; the fighting often looked like urban gang violence. But, also as in Iraq, the gangs and militias had shady ties to the political parties controlling the democratically elected national parliament as well. Indeed, one might describe the civil conflicts in Turkey then and Iraq now as "militarized party politics". Intense political rivalries between the leading Turkish politicians, along with their politically useful ties to paramilitaries, prevented the democratic regime in the capital of Ankara from moving decisively to end the violence. Fearing that the lower ranks of the military were becoming infected with the violent factionalism of the society at large, military leaders undertook a coup in September 1980, after which they unleashed a major wave of repression against the militias and gang members on both the left and the right. At the price of military rule (which lasted 3 years), the urban terror was ended. The Turkish military was a strong institution with enough autonomy and enough loyalty to the Kemalist nationalist ideal that it could act independently of the divisions tearing the country apart. Although the army favored the right more than the left, Turkish citizens saw it as largely standing apart from the factional fighting--and thus was a credible intervenor.

The reason I believe this sort of conflict is coming is several reasons, the first of which was the repsonse of the Democrats during the last 8 years when they lost election after election. They openly advocated dividing America into Democrat and Republican states. That bitch, Geraldine Ferraro, said unashamedly on Fox News that if Democrats couldn't win elections they those portions of the country that were "blue" should form their own nations. The nasty part she also said was that those "blue" states were more cultered than the "red" ones so they wouldn't be missing much if they were their own country. Also, during the last election cycle a Democrat activist tried to run down and kill Katherine Harris, who was running for the Senate in Florida, along with a dozen supporters waving signs alongside the road. This is his quote:

"I was exercising my political expression," Seltzer told police. He was later charged and with assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to time in prison.

Also, widespread violence against Republicans occured in the last election cycle, including the slashing of tires in Wisconsin to stop the Republican get-out-the-vote. The elderly that were going to use the 42 cars were denied their vote by Democrats. The four radical "activists" were later sentenced. Here is the article:

Widespread violence including shooting up a Republican Commitee building with guns, thefts of Republican computers, intimidation by Democrat leftists, and other political violence and deny-their-votes efforts are un-American, but are becoming used more often. Apparently leftists have no problem using violence and intimidation tactics against people they hate. This is a VERY bad sign for the political process in America, hence my ideas of an up-and-coming cycle of political violence in this country that could be construed as a civil war. Keep your eyes open for more.....

Gasoline Pipelines in the United States
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Friday, April 13, 2007

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Teaching Iran A Lesson?
Over the last few weeks the West has been teaching Iran, Syria, and Islamofascists worldwide a lesson; but I doubt it is one likely to lead to a good outcome. Put yourself in the shoes of our enemies for a moment. In recent days, you have witnessed the Speaker of the House of Representatives go to Damascus, Syria, cover her head and promote her own foreign policy to Syria’s terror-sponsoring leaders in contradiction of our current foreign policy of isolating that regime. Iran commits an act of war in seizing British sailors on the open seas and suffers no consequences. The European Union could barely muster a resolution of support for Britain, while Prime Minister Tony Blair, a stalwart in the war to date, huffed and puffed and planned to take the controversy to the United Nations. Meanwhile, the captured British seamen (and woman) and the British Marines quickly adopted the Iranian propaganda line. When finally released, they kissed the Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad on both cheeks while accepting his “gifts” before heading home to sell their stories to the tabloids. Even Winston Churchill, who saw his share of appeasement before rallying his nation to confront the beast in Berlin, would be weeping today at this spectacle. The downsized British navy is still formidable and sails today in Gulf waters alongside the United States in a show of force. But those dreaming of creating a new Muslim caliphate to rule the world are unimpressed. All the ships and fighter jets in the world won’t stop the Islamofascists if the West lacks the will to use them.

After the obscene capitulation to Hitler at Munich in 1938, Churchill warned the British people, “This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year…” His words are still true today. No concession to Iran’s mullahs, no kowtowing to the terror masters in Damascus and Tehran, no appeasement of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad will be enough to satisfy our sworn enemies. Iran announced today that its nuclear program has taken another leap forward, and then it added this threat: If the West continues to object to its march toward an Islamic bomb, Iran it will be forced to withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. In other words, emboldened by our weakness, Iran now implicitly threatens to transfer its nuclear technology to al Qaeda. The cup it offers us is bitter indeed.

Importing Poverty?
Today, President Bush is expected to renew his push for so-called comprehensive immigration reform with a speech in Yuma, Arizona highlighting the importance of border security. Now that liberals control Capitol Hill, we are prepared for the worst, but as one Associated Press report noted, “the faults lines [on immigration reform] don’t fall along party lines.” There are Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, to be found in both camps for and against the notion of “comprehensive” reform. The “good news,” if the reports are accurate, is that the president’s position has shifted somewhat. There are real penalties in the new plan – fees of $3,500, fines up to $10,000, and a requirement that illegal aliens return home to apply for legal status. That’s a good starting point so long as those requirements are not bargained away in the process. Moreover, a number of freshmen Democrats were elected last November after campaigning on an enforcement-first approach to illegal immigration. They don’t want to start out their careers by breaking those promises and embracing amnesty. And the fact that the White House is starting from a more conservative point at this stage of the debate this year is a testament to the impact that you and I and others are having in stressing the need for border security first. Slowly, but surely, the Washington establishment seems to be getting the message, but we’ve got a long way to go yet.

Regardless of where the debate proceeds from here, every policy maker in Washington needs to read a new report by the Heritage Foundation that quantifies the costs associated with “low skilled” labor, defined as workers without high school diplomas. According to Heritage researchers, 25% of legal immigrants and 50% of illegal immigrants fall into this category, and for every dollar they pay in taxes, they consume three dollars in government benefits. This amounts to more than $1 million over the course of the worker’s lifetime and represents a potential liability of nearly $4 trillion over the next ten years. Those figures prompted Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the ranking Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, which handles immigration legislation, to state, “We need to make sure any legislation does not further strain government services and taxpayers’ wallets.” It’s hard to imagine how any plan that involves a “path to citizenship” or amnesty for millions of low-skilled workers is going to pass that test. But I suspect Rep. Smith’s assessment that U.S. immigration policy should avoid importing poverty is shared by the overwhelming majority of American taxpayers.

Iran and Iraq

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F-14s Forever
For the first time in US history, our country will be facing combat against an enemy who has better weapons than we have, and we sold them those weapons. The F-14 Tomcat was the mainstay of US carrier operations for decades. This, sleek, fast, supersonic fighter brought chills (and certain death) to enemies of America around the world. However, due to maintenance costs the F-14 was mothballed out of the US Navy fleet last year. In a extremely short-sighted decision, the head of the Navy Admiral Michael G. Mullen allowed the far less capable F-18 Hornet to try and replace the much more capable F-14. Now that a military show-down with Iran is coming, the US Navy is faced with an enemy who has far better fighter aircraft because America sold over 100 F-14 Tomcats to pre-Khomenei Iran and they still have those fighters available for the upcoming fight. Maintenance apparently is far more important than capablity, at least in Admiral Mullen's eyes; a foolish view now that US forces face F-14s.....on the side of the enemy.

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In India
You think it's bad here in America, try India. In Indian universities there is a tradition of "ragging" (or abusing) new students. When you enter the university, you become the personal property of the senior students for the first year. They emotionally and sexually abuse you. The junior studentsa re told to masturbate in front of others, or to urinate on live electric wires. This is believed to create social cohesion and remove inhibitions. The junior students hate it. Some try suicide. Some lose their hearing from the beatings they get.

A man had an accident in New Delhi and was taken to a government hospital. He had a bad leg injury. The doctor wanted a bribe to help him decide whether he would fix the leg or amputate it.

A married Muslim woman, Imrana, was raped by her father-in-law in India. The mindless Muslim clerics decided to seperate her from her husband and insisted she marry the rapist. A leading Hindu politician defended the action, saying: "The decision taken by Muslim religious leaders in the Imrana case must have been taken after alot of thought....the leaders are all very learned."

The REAL Axis of Evil
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Union Dues

The way unions have used their members' dues is nothing short of dictatorial. Unions spend 60% and more of their members dues on lobbying, political donations, and other political activities. And 90% of the political donations they make go to Democrats, even though up to 40% of union members vote Republican in any given election. Indeed, when Colorado and Utah passed paycheck protection laws, union dues collections dropped 70-90%. Which is why unions now oppose all such legislation.

*Collective responsibility for world goals works about as well as collective farms in agriculture, and for the same reason.

*After 43 years and $665 billion (in 2007 dollars) in foreign aid to the continent, Africa remains trapped in economic stagnation. Foreign aid is NOT the answer for Africa.

*You think you have it bad? In Zimbabwe, pregnant women are reluctant to use public health clinics to give birth because nurses ridicule them for not having better baby clothes, force them to wash bed linens soon after delivery, and even hit them to encourage them to push the baby out faster during delivery.

Wars Around the World
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What is (Really) Happening in Iraq
Few Americans realize how dangerous the US global strategic position is today. Multiple armed groups in Iraq on both sides appear to believe taht they can wrest control of the government if US forces left, so currently that is one of their goals.

The ethnic cleansing in Baghdad continues, the weak Shiite-dominated government is enevitably becoming an open partisan in a nasty civil war between Sunni and Shiite Arabs. As a result, President Bush's commitment to manking a "success" of the currrent government will increasingly amount to siding with the Shiites, a position that is morally dubious and probably not in the interest of either the United States or long-term regional peace and stability.

The US supporting the Shiite majority is forcing the Sunnis in Iraq to turn to al Qaeda for support against Shiite militias and the Iraqi army. It also (weirdly) aligns Washington with Tehran against the Sunni-dominated states to the west (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc), who are traditionally strong US allies.

Intra-Shiite political rivalries are rendering the new Iraqi government almost completely dysfunctional. Its ministers see their best opti0on as cultivating militias (or ties to militias) for current and coming fights, extortion rackets, and smuggling operations.

Washonton's commmitment to Maliki's government undermines US diplomatic and military leverage with almost every relavant party in the country and the region.

US backing of Maliki's government gives Iraqi Sunnis and the Sunni-dominated countries in the Middle East no reasion not to support al Qaeda as an ally in Iraq. Support for Maliki is looking more and more like the United States is passively complicit in a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Ultimately it is conceivable that civil war in Iraq will someday lead the combatants to agree on Iraq's partion anyway, but this is a decision for Iraqis rather than outsiders to make.

We should not withdraw from Kurdish territory in Iraq. The Kurds have established an autonomous republic within Iraq, and are chomping at the bit to declare complete independence. They are friendly to the United States and would welcome a US presence in their country.

Random Thought
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