Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Stuff

*This guy thinks he is Jesus (he nuts).

*California wants to ban the lightbulb (how Luddite) .

*Marine murdered for boob-implant money (no joke).

*Airborne laser ready for test firing (thank god!).

*The Antichrist will appear in Iran (they're insane).

*Canadian PM calls Kyoto "socialist scheme" (it always was).

*US Dow Jones up by 67% since 2003 (Bush must be doing something right!).

Friday, January 26, 2007

Muslims and Iran: how evil are they?

Oooo, someone doesn't like my journal posts about Islam! So let's takes a real hard look at Islam in general and Iran in particular. When the radical muslims took over Iran in 1979 they instituted the following:

*The country's progressive family laws were suspended,

*Disallowed female judges,

*Strongly enforced the wearing of the hijab,

*Lowered the marriage age to nine,

*Permitted polygamy,

*Gave fathers the right to decide who their daughters could marry,

*Permitted unilateral divorce for men but not for women,

*And gave fathers sole custody of children in case of divorce.

Overall, Iran's theocracy has been a disaster on multiple fronts, including womens rights. And I cannot even speak about the ghastly deaths homosexuals face in Iran daily. And yet most leftist in America fear a Christian theocratic takeover of the government; an absurdity as most Christians just want to be left alone and not have left-wing viewpoints shoved down their throats. People need to wake up and realize how dangerous muslims really are. And if muslims are getting bad press, it's because they are causing it themselves. Hell, muslims cannot get along with any of their neighbors: they attack Hindus, Budhists, Christians, and Jews in every country they share them with. And it is not a modern occurance; look up arab muslims in northern Sudan attacking black Christians in southern Sudan in the 1970s for example. The muslims are NOT the innocent guys here you know.....Damon

Thursday, January 25, 2007

From Gary

The State of the Union Address

Overall, I thought President Bush’s State of the Union address last night was good – especially when it came to Iraq. And I strongly encourage the administration to continue its defense of the president’s new strategy. Before getting to his Iraq policy, President Bush took a few moments to remind his audience about our enemy:

“Take almost any principle of civilization, and their goal is the opposite. They preach with threats, instruct with bullets and bombs, and promise paradise for the murder of the innocent. …They want to overthrow moderate governments, and establish safe havens from which to plan and carry out new attacks on our country. …Listen to this warning from the late terrorist Zarqawi: ‘We will sacrifice our blood and bodies to put an end to your dreams, and what is coming is even worse.’ Osama bin Laden declared: ‘Death is better than living on this Earth with the unbelievers among us.’”

Then the president addressed the reality of Iraq today, the dangers of retreating and leaving the country -- with its vast oil resources -- in the hands of the Islamofascists, and he urged Congress to make victory our only policy:

“This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we’re in. …We went into this largely united, in our assumptions and in our convictions. And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure. Our country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq, and I ask you to give it a chance to work. And I ask you to support our troops in the field, and those on their way. The war on terror we fight today is a generational struggle that will continue long after you and I have turned our duties over to others. And that’s why it’s important to work together so our nation can see this great effort through. …We’ll show our enemies abroad that we are united in the goal of victory.”

And did you notice, my friends, how many liberals remained firmly planted in their seats, rather than rising to applaud, when the president spoke of America achieving victory in Iraq? It was shamefully disrespectful on the part of some hyper-partisan Bush-haters who evidently put their own agendas ahead of our country and have little appreciation for the men and women of our Armed Forces.

While the president did challenge the Senate to provide up-or-down votes on his judicial nominees, I was disappointed that there was no mention of values issues – like the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, or religious freedom. I realize the president was addressing a hostile Congress and was undoubtedly advised to avoid these “controversial issues.” But, my friends, defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman is not controversial with the American people -- 70 percent of them agree! Defending the right of the vast majority of Americans to say we are “one nation under God” should not require extraordinary courage. And given that this Congress is hostile to the cherished values of most Americans, it is more important than ever for the president to speak up in defense of faith, family, and freedom!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Stuff

The Iranian War With The Arabs

Saudia Arabia and Iran are getting ready for war with each other. And it's not over oil or ethnicity, as much as it is over theology. Saudi Arabia, by dint of its vast oil wealth and role as protector of Islami's holiest places, sees itself as the leader of the Moslem world. Not a leader in the sense of giving orders that-will-be-obeyed. No, leader more in the rich uncle sense. Especially if the uncle was also a rather religious fellow. The Saud family gained control of most of Arabia back in the 1920s, mainly via a long time relationship with the most conservative religious sect in Arabia, the Wahhabis. Thus equipped, the Saudis could be both mightier, and holier, than any other clan in region. It was a winning combination. But there are some problems when you read the fine print. The most obvious hassle was the Wahhabi desire to resist modern technology, and ideas. So Saudi women can't drive cars, although back in the 1920s they could ride horses and camels. The Sauds got the power, but the Wahhabis got the right to decide how people live. Another bit of fine print has to do with the Shia sect of Islam. There are dozens of sects in Islam, and the largest, besides the mainline Sunnis, are the Shia. Most of the Shia are Iranians, who aren't even Arabs. That's important for Arabs, who consider all non-Arabs as, well, if not sub-human, certainly not the best they could be. The Iranians look like the hated Europeans (one of the few peoples able to halt the spread of Islam), and often act like Europeans. But the worst thing about Iranians are that they are Shia. According to the Wahhabi clergy, Shia are heretics. The Saud family was always good at countering the nasty habits of the Wahhabi clergy, and has managed to keep the preachers quiet (or at least off the mass media) about those Shia heretics. At the same time, the Sauds have kept things reasonably friendly with Iran. All that is coming to an end. For all those decades Saddam Hussein was in power, American suggestions, or attempts, to overthrow the dictator of Iraq were always met with resistance from the Saudis. Most Americans could not understand this, even when the Shia angle was mentioned. It must have been something to do with oil. It actually has little to do with oil. It's all about which form of Islam is more "correct." Since 1979, Iran has been run by conservative clergy, and these guys wanted to rule the world. To the Saudis, only Iraq, and its ruthless leader Saddam Hussein, stood in the way. The 1980-88 war between Iraq and Iran was seen as a desperate fight to contain the Shia menace. It was thus, with much sadness, that Arabs viewed the defeat, and recent demise, of Saddam Hussein. For many Sunnis in the region, Saddam was their champion. The Sunnis see America as being stupid, or greedy to control Iraqi oil, or both, in their overthrow of Saddam. Because of this U.S. action, the Shia, and thus, Iran, controls Iraq. The Sunni control of Islams holy places is now threatened. This seems certain once Iran gets nuclear weapons. Note that, during the thirty years Israel has had nuclear weapons, there was no great effort in the Arab world to do the same. But now that Iran is going nuclear, there's all this talk of developing (or buying from the Pakistanis) the "Arab bomb." Believe it, because the Arabs do.

In the south, FARC and the Nestle Corporation (which is a major processor of milk from local dairymen) are locked in an extortion battle. FARC wants Nestle to pay "revolutionary taxes." Nestle has refused, and in the last week, FARC has destroyed two Nestle processing plants. In the last year, FARC has had to use more muscle to sustain its extortion operations, as more companies feel confident enough (in government security forces) to refuse to pay. But FARC appears determined to destroy Nestle operations in the area to make an example.

Oh look, Hillary has a new White House spokesman. Good for you Hillary!

For a country that already contains ten percent of all Internets users, China is doing even better when it comes to Internet crime. Some 15 percent of spam last year was traced back to China (according to a Sophos survey). Some 90 percent of spam is now sent via zombies (PCs secretly taken over by hackers for this, and other, illegal tasks), which makes it easier to track down these purloined PCs. Actually, South Korea, with only three percent of the worlds Internet users, accounted for 7.4 percent of last years spam. But South Korea is cracking down on the Internet crime, and the amount of bad behavior is shrinking. The U.S. accounts for 22 percent of the spam (and 15 percent of the world's Internet users.) The U.S. and China both account for a disproportionate amount of Internet criminal activity. Last year, the U.S. accounted for 34.2 percent of the hacker attacks, while China accounted for 31 percent. But the real criminal hot spot was Brazil, where two percent of the planets internet users accounted for 14 percent of the hacker attacks. Russia, also with about two percent of Internet users, accounted for 4.1 percent of hacker attacks, but the Russian efforts were the most sophisticated and effective. So while the Brazilian hackers have quantity, the Russians are stealing more money via their superior techniques.

No doubt about it, after watching President Bush last night in the State of the Union address, I am a Proud Republican!

Wow, who is this guy??!!

The Very Corrupt Iraqi military
American commanders are planning on getting the 22,000 troops "surge" out of Iraq after about six months of operations. That, however, depends on how effective Iraqi troops can be. As it has been for centuries, the Iraqi army is very corrupt. Finding officers who are both able and honest is difficult. American efforts to introduce financial controls, that would reduce the corruption, have not been popular. Just as it was under the British and the Turks, being an army officer is seen as a way to get rich. The most ancient ploy is to claim you have more troops than you actually do, then pocket the pay for these "phantoms." Another angle is selling weapons, fuel and equipment, as well as renting out your troops to businesses, or, in some cases, Shia militias. Some of the worst officers demand kickbacks from their troops.

Oh, in case you forgot....

It's Pakistan, stupid....
The recent capture, in Afghanistan, of Taliban communications director, Abdul Haq, has led to some embarrassing revelations. Haq, who has held his job for about 14 months, admitted that the recent increase in Taliban activity was facilitated by Pakistani intelligence (the CIA-like ISI). Pakistan has long denied this, but then they have to do that. ISI is an organization that has long been tainted by the disease (Islamic radicalism) that it is assigned to control. Very curious situation, but the same could be said of Pakistani politics in general. The Haq revelations, which included lots of details, has forced Pakistan to get more involved with pressuring ISI to cut support to the Taliban. There's no guarantee that will happen. Haq also became yet another source of reports that Taliban chief, Mullah Omar, is in the border city of Quetta, under ISI protection.

OK, so does the stupid Bar None commercial bother you as much as it bothers me? Not only is it weird that some dude's very hairy arm is up this dog puppet's butt, but overall the ad is just simply irritating. Grrr....

Stuff for Terrorists
And what clever technology are the bad guys using? They are using a lot of stuff you can buy via the internet. These are items that can assist Islamic terrorists in collecting information, in preparation for attacks. Take, for example, the Trackstick. This looks like a large USB memory stick. Actually it is, but only has a megabit of memory. The rest of the space is taken up by a GPS receiver and a small computer that records where TrackStick has been at 1-15 minute intervals (you choose) for up to a week (on two AAA batteries). Plug the TrackStick into your computer and, using the TrackStick software, you get a map, or a list, of where the TrackStick has been. Googe Earth maps can be used. You could hook the TrackStick up to a transmitter, which would produce a slightly larger package, but one that would send you the current location of the TrackStick.With this simple technology, you can do all sorts of sneaky, or simply practical, things. You don't need a lot of money. TrackSticks cost $240 each, no questions asked (although there is a warning that it's illegal to track someone without their permission.) But if you're on a mission from God, you already have permission.

This map shows the following attacks (plus the USS Cole and Beslan, Russia):
MORE than 4,000 people have died as Islamic terrorism has spread across the world over the last decade.

Here we highlight some of the worst atrocities.

We have not included the unforgivable Palestinian terror attacks and suicide bombings in Israel due to their sheer number:

  1. FEB 26 1993: Six people killed by a 500kg bomb beneath the World Trade Center in New York.
  2. DEC 11 1994: Explosion on a Philippine Airlines jet bound for Tokyo killed one and injured ten.
  3. JUN 25 1996: Nineteen US servicemen killed in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, when their housing complex was blown up by a suicide bomber.
  4. AUG 7 1998: American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania attacked in suicide truck bombings. Around 230 people died.
  5. SEP 11 2001: 2,986 people killed as hijacked planes are flown into New York’s Twin Towers and the US Pentagon, and in a fourth hijacked airliner.
  6. DEC 23 2001: Shoe bomber Richard Reid foiled trying to blow up flight from Paris to Miami.
  7. MAR 17 2002: Five people killed when terrorists hurled grenades into a church in Pakistan.
  8. APR 11 2002: Twenty one people, including 18 German tourists, killed when an ancient synagogue was bombed in Tunis.
  9. OCT 6 2002: French oil tanker, the Limburg, attacked by a suicide speed boat off the coast of Yemen. One crew member died.
  10. OCT 12 2002: A bomb in a Bali nightclub killed 202 people, mostly Australians.
  11. NOV 28 2002: Sixteen dead, including three bombers, at the Israeli Paradise Hotel in Mombassa, Kenya. Two missiles missed an Israeli plane carrying 200 people.
  12. MAY 12 2003: Suicide bombers hit three compounds for foreign workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 34 dead included nine attackers.
  13. MAY 16 2003: Fourteen suicide bombers attacked four targets in the Moroccan capital Casablanca. Forty one people were killed.
  14. AUG 5 2003: Twelve killed by car bomb outside Marriott Hotel in Indonesian capital Jakarta.
  15. NOV 8 2003: Housing complex in Riyadh attacked by suicide car bomb. Seventeen dead, 100 hurt.
  16. NOV 15 2003: Two synagogues in Istanbul attacked, killing 23 and wounding at least 300.
  17. NOV 20 2003: Attacks on British Consulate and HSBC bank in Istanbul killed 27 and injured more than 450. Among the dead was Consul-General Roger Scott.
  18. MAR 11 2004: In Madrid, TEN bombs remotely detonated on four trains in the rush hour killed 191 commuters and wounded 2,000.
  19. MAY 29 2004: Gunmen stormed residential buildings for foreign workers in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Twenty two workers killed.
  20. JUN 6 2004: Gunmen attacked a BBC crew in Suweidi, Saudi Arabia. Irish cameraman Simon Cumber was killed and BBC correspondent Frank Gardener injured.
  21. JUN 18 2004: American engineer Paul Johnson executed by his kidnappers in Riyadh.
  22. OCT 7 2004: At least 40 people killed when three suicide bombings hit resorts on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. At the Taba Hilton, a huge car bomb killed at least 30 people.
  23. DEC 6 2004: Five staff and four gunmen killed in a raid on US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

On the Bright Side

Divorces in Israel dropped 30 percent last Summer, during the war in Lebanon. This had not been noted before. What had been noted in past wars was an increase in the birth rate and, for older soldiers (especially reservists) more stress related illness. Wartime conditions always produce lots of stress, which is expressed in many different ways. The increased birth rate is the result of a large increase in the amount of sex, which has long been a convenient way to deal with stress. Apparently, war also helps marriage counselors as well.

Hillary is running for President!

OMG, my worst fears have come true! Hillary is running for President!

Gawd I cannot stand her!

Hmm, maybe she will steal White House furniture again when she leaves office....

God! Please SAVE us from Hillary and Bill!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union Address

OK, so I don't know why I watch these State of the Union addresses (they make me extremely angry). But when I do watch them, I look at mainly the Democratic side of the aisle, to gauge whether the Looney Left supports an issue (or not) when President Bush brings it up. Apparently the Demoncrats do not support the following:

Private industry
Good schools
The Military
War Against Religious Fanatics

The reason I say this is because when President GEORGE BUSH (go George go!) mentioned that many schools here in America are failing and that other alternatives should be sought by parents (and lawmakers) to get kids in better schools, the Dems completely sat on their hands, refusing to applause even though the Republicans all stood and clapped heartily. What was completely depressing is that the Left has no interest in people, just power. You see, giving parents options in schooling would threaten the School Teacher Unions, which vote 100% with Dems. It was also depressing because these leftist assholes are now in power and will not lift one finger to support better educations for kids, all because of power. Disgusting...

On AIDS, President Bush has tried to get ten billion dollars to help people in Africa with AIDS pay for their medicine, a program that he created and that has gone from 50,000 people being able to afford their medications to over 800,000! That is a HUGE increase. And it was all Bushs' plan. And name one US President or Senator or Congressman who has tried to get money for medicine for dying black people on another continent. Of course President Bush won't get any credit for that from the left-wing dominated media. And the Demoncrats will not fund any additional efforts on behalf of the Bush Administration to get life-saving medicine into the hands of dying Africans. Why? Because they will do anything within their power to make sure that the Bush Administration is a failure, and I do mean anything! They would rather let 200 million people in Africa die that let Bush get any positive converage on this issue. How vile. No wonder I dispise Demoncrats, and no wonder I quit being one years ago.

The Democrats have always hated the US military, but of course they cannot say this out loud because "moderates" in the middle would crucify them in elections (as would the conservatives, who have always backed the US armed forces, and why 78% of service people vote Republican). You see, the military is always the one organization that is able to stop leftists from taking over a country, so the Dems have to starve them of money, to keep them from getting new equipment, and crush military morale as much as possible. Didn't it occur to you (or anyone else for that matter) that that was the reason why Dems pushed so hard for gays to be in the military? That it would damage unit morale and cohesion, and that was the main reason why military people in general resisted it? People in the military are not any more or less anti-gay than the general populace. They just knew a morale busting policy when they saw it, and fought against it as much as they could.

I believe that the Demoncrats have decided to surrender in the war against religious fanatics in general, and the war in Iraq in particular. They refused to applause when Bush said supporting the military was the right thing to do, and winning the war was possible. However, I had to ask myself why do the Dems want to lose? And the answer was obvious: if Bush was allowed to win this fight, he would be seen by the public (and history) as a successful President, and from what I saw in the Capital Building tonite, a vast majority of the Democrats would rather die that let that happen. They would rather let the entire nation of Iraq (and Democracy) die than let that happen. Think about that cynical shit.....

BTW, just a reminder to my pro-gay readers: Hillary is going to be just as bad for gays as Bill Clinton was (he signed DOMA into law doncha remember?).

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Falklands Islands War

Too often, the supposed new truths emerging from an event are either restatements of old, time-proven axioms or, much worse, terrible misconceptions drawn from an inaccurate understanding of the immediate events.

The Falklands War revalidated several strategic and tactical tenet and failed to establish anything dramatically new despite the use of up-to-date, sophisticated weapons systems. Here are a dozen old lessons of warfare that the Falklands revalidated:

Old Lesson #1-Don't bring a fleet within range of an unsuppressed land-based air power. The British couldn't avoid doing so, and they lost ships.

Old Lesson #2-For every new offensive weapon there is a countermeasure. Exocet antiship missiles can be stopped by electronic or physical means. The British jury-rigged a helicopter to carry out electronic surveillance (the Searchwater system) when their picket destroyers began to get blasted.

Old Lesson #3- The most effective antiaircraft weapon is still another aircraft.

Old Lesson #4- You can never get enough information about you enemy.

Old Lesson #5-Most surface ships built since 1960 cannot take much physical punishment. They lack armor protection. This was on convincing argument for the resurrection of old United States battleships.

Old Lesson #6-Until new weapons systems perform under fire, no one believes they work. When the Sheffield sank, the Exocet missile's black-market price tripled. Qaddafi wanted to acquire some. This demonstrates that testing during peacetime is unconvincing.

Old Lesson #7-At this point VSTOL (vertical short takeoff and landing), aircraft like the Harrier are not in the same league as supersonic attack and fighter aircraft. The Harrier force did perform magnificently at what it was designed to do-support ground forces. The Harrier is of marginal value in defending a fleet because it lacks range and speed to close with attacking aircraft. The British pilots were superb, however, and "ground loitering", waiting on the ground near the expected place of attack, did decrease reaction time. Likewise, the Harrier technique of "viffing" (vectoring in forward flight), cutting on the vertical exhaust jets while flying forward, proved to be a valuable tactic. Any pursuing Argentine aircraft couldn't duplicate the Harrier's radical turn.

Old Lesson #8-Supersonic aircraft based on big carriers are still the best means of ensuring fleet security. If the British had had even one United States-style supercarrier armed with F-14s and E-2c early warning aircraft, there would have been fewer ships lost, since the fleet's detection and defensive combat zone would have begun at the Argentine coast. But then had the Brits possessed such a carrier, the Argentines might have decided not to attack. Buying weapons that frighten aggressors is a way of saving money that would otherwise be spent on a war.

Old Lesson #9-Good infantry is worth three or four times as much as inferior infantry. Even attacking at odds of one to two or one to three, a veteran infantry force can defeat inferior infantry or militia troops. Caesar said that veterans are two to one against un-blooded troops. The advent of accurate lightweight automatic weapons seems to have further improved the veterans' odds. Superior morale and training can be decisive weapons; fanaticism and courage don't make up for poor leadership.

Old Lesson #10-The press, including television, can be used effectively (though perhaps unwillingly or unwittingly) to confuse your enemy. Britain manipulated its own press with stories of the arrival of Royal Navy subs off the Falklands. The Argentine junta believed them, and this restricted reinforcement by sea. In reality, British subs took much longer to arrive.

Old Lesson #11-Once your organized resistance to an invasion ceases, it's good to have a plan for converting any remnant forces into guerrilla bands. The original Port Stanley British garrison (though only a Royal Marine platoon) didn't have to surrender. Members of the unit could have escaped and evaded the lackluster invasion by the Argentine marines and army. The British government would have had a valuable political tool (long-term resistance) around which to rally domestic support. The odds are good that the Argentines would have wasted a lot of effort in tracking down the marines hiding out in the countryside. But then, the Argentines didn't use the time they had to dig in and prepare defensive positions.

Old Lesson # 12-If you're Great Britain, there's no ally like your long-lost colony, the United States. The British might well have lost the campaign without some very quick American aid. The United States supplied 12.5 million gallons of aviation fuel, state-of-the-art AIM-9L air-to-air missiles, Shrike radar-seeking missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and shoulder-fired Stinger antiaircraft missiles (one of which shot down an Argentine fighter-bomber; see chapter on Afghanistan for more on Stingers). The United States also provided Great Britain with 4,700 tons of airfield matting for reinforcing temporary landing strips. Britain received new submarine-detection devices, communications satellite aid, and possibly (though denied by the U.S. Department of Defense), intelligence from American spy satellites. All this cost the United States $60 million, a figure that excludes the cost of the aviation fuel and the Sidewinders. The question is, if the United States gets in a comparable crisis and experiences similar massive shortages, who will bail it out? (By James Dunnigan, brilliant defense analyst)


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Armageddon is Coming....aka the Four Horsemen

*Law would make Minutemen guilty of 'domestic terrorism: Patrolling to detect alleged illegal activity while carrying any weapon would be felony (click here for more)

*Democrats in Massachussetts seek illegal aliens votes (click here)

*Your freedom of speech will be limited if someone is 'annoyed' (click here for more)

*Travesty in Turkey (click here)

*The number of Germans who have converted to Islam has increased fourfold within one year--despite the negative perception of Islam among the general public. (click here)

*Moderate Muslim preachers are leaving the Netherlands and being replaced by more extreme clerics (click here for more)

*Amanpour: Britain's radical Muslims shock me; correspondent's investigation finds bigotry, intolerance, hatred preached by clerics (click here for more)

*Google blots out Iraq bases on internet (and its about damn time!) Click here

*The False Prophet from the Bible:

*Top Iranian official: Enemy incapable of attacking us: says US threats to attack Iranian nuclear facilities are merely ‘psychological warfare’. (see here for more)

*Entire village suspected of mayor's murder (see here for more)

*The many sins of Jimmy Carter, and why he is the worst President in US history (click here)

*Black racists killing white farmers in South Africa (click here for more)

*US, Canada, Australia demand explanation from China in shooting down satellite (see here for more)

*Kofi Annan, just go away (click here)

*Brilliant Dick Morris, and why he is right about Hillary and Obama (click here)

*The rise in diabetes over the years; it's the sugar dummy! (click here)

*BTW, Armageddon is coming

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's all about Russia, and they're mad!

Okay, so the Russian government (aka President Vladimir Putin) is denying all responsibility for the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko (a expatriot Russian who was living in England) in late 2006. This radioactive attack was so widespread that dozens of people have been exposed, including some British Airways aircraft and members of the hotel staff where the P210 was slipped into unfortunate Litvinenko's tea cup. I actually looked closer into this event because a relative of mine works with radioactive materials and upon reading all the denials from Russia (I get a daily e-newsletter from that countries' major newspapers) I decided to find out the truth, and here it is. Polonium 210 is not made by any other nation in the world in significant amounts, except for Russia. The process is so expensive (and dangerous) that only the government in Russia could afford to do it (they produce about 3 grams per year). Madame Curie, her daughter, and another man all died from Polonium 210 poisoning when it was first discovered back in the 1940s (it causes leukemia). Ingested by water, a mere 3 grams of Polonium 210 will kill millions of people. Russia sells practically anything on the world market and it is my personal belief that they will sell Iran nuclear weapons very soon, if they have not done so already. The United States doesn't sell radioactive isotopes, but Russians sell everything. The US does not produce Polonium 210. It is not used in cancer research and is used to kill only. There is no commercial use for P210 and it is not used in nuclear weapons production either. It is also not used in high energy research since it is so highly toxic. At least 50 nuclear researchers have died from this type of poisoning since it was first refined. More on Polonium 210 here.

*SBX heads for Alaska (again)

*Pentagon: Somalia = blueprint

*The jihad is now against the Shias, not the Americans

*Sadr plays possum

Random Quote: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Here is a picture of the many different sizes of the planets in our solar system.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm back....sorry about being gone for so long. This blogsite (which I created) was hijacked by someone who I allowed access but now I am back. Enjoy....

The Power of Cash

Last year, the U.S. Army got 80,000 new recruits, while 64,000 troops who had completed their service, re-enlisted. But to get that many troops to re-enlist, the army paid out $623 million in "retention bonuses." The army uses the bonuses to encourage troops in some job specialties (where there are shortages) to stay in. Sometimes, responding to, say, unfavorable media coverage, additional bonuses will be added. For example, the new, Democratic party controlled Congress just began its new term with a lot of criticism of the war. This is not good for the morale of the troops. So the army is offering an additional "signing bonus" (of up to $7,500) for any soldier getting out between now and the end of April, if they re-enlist before then. For example, an infantryman, with the rank of Specialist (E-4), finishing a four year enlistment, could increase his re-enlistment bonus from $10,000 to $17,500, by signing up for another four years. This would tempt the soldier to stay in for twenty years (to qualify for a half pay pension), because at the end of eight years he might be E-6, or even an officer (via Officer Candidate School).The army has found that money does matter, and has become quite expert at avoiding shortages in key skill areas by adjusting the re-enlistment bonuses. It's cheaper to spend money on these bonuses, than it is to recruit a civilian, and go to all the time and expense to create a soldier of equal skill and experience. Moreover, keeping more soldiers in the military as a career provides more experienced NCOs and officers. That superior leadership makes all the difference when you are in combat. (From

*Relations between Iran and the rest of the world continues to falter, see
here and here for more (the Royal Navy goes in).

*The Good Guys win in San Diego cross brawl (see
here). My own hometown of Boise did the same thing, the city sold the small plot of land to a private owner to avoid being sued. You anti-Christians suck; you'll never be able to win against us because we are way too smart for you ;)

*Dinesh D'Souza gets it right on why liberals are responsible for 9/11. See
here for more details.

*Are cell phones dangerous? A man in California receives burns over 50% of his body when his cell phone catches fire. See
here for more info.

*China builds a Nimitz-class carrier, click
here for the photo.

*The US Marines mutiny over underwear ban (see
here for more).

Random Quotes
People in power always take advantage of those without power.

Random Thought: In Germany, corn is consider pig food, not fit for human consumption. Interesting, eh?