Thursday, October 13, 2005

Whooping Cough and Mexicans

OK, the Denver Post has reported today (in a half-hearted way) that whooping cough is skyrocketing across the United States and should be taken seriously. I personally took an interest in this because my family and I all caught whopping cough and we seriously ill for weeks and weeks earlier this year. What pissed me off about this article by Linda J. Johnson of the Associate Press is that she is not reporting why whooping cough is spreading so quickly in the 1990s and 2000s in America. She quoted that cases of whooping cough, a potentially fatal disease, has more than doubled since the year 2000 in the US. What she didn't report (because it's politically incorrect) that it is Mexican illegal aliens that are actually spreading this deadly disease, along with tuberculosis, plague, and several other extremely deadly diseases (Mexicans do not get some of the vaccinations that Americans regularly do). I would also like to point out that almost all major outbreaks are occuring in Blue States, gee I wonder why that is? It really, really bothers me that reporters are only reporting half-truths, or outright propaganda, because we might hurt some protected groups "feelings". It was an illegal alien that brought West Nile virus to the US, and has literally crossed from one side of the country (from New York to Washington state) in less than two years, aided by birds like crows that are frequently bitten by misquitos. How many Americans have died from West Nile? Hundreds surely, yet no one on the left cares about this, its' all about our "valiant soldiers in Iraq", riiiiiight.

Also from the Denver Post this week:
State leading nation in whooping-cough cases
By Marsha Austin
Denver Post Staff Writer

Colorado leads the U.S. in the number of reported cases of pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

The outbreak has prompted national infectious-disease experts to collaborate with Children's Hospital in Denver to raise awareness of the ailment and encourage vaccination.

"The numbers have just exploded in such a short period of time," said Nicole Lynch, spokeswoman for the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

Health officials hope to prevent further spread of the highly contagious bacterium, which causes severe coughing, breathlessness and vomiting. The illness, nicknamed "the 100-day cough," can be bothersome for adults but deadly for infants.

"If they get pertussis, they have a good chance of dying," said Dr. Ann-Christine Nyquist, medical director of infection control at The Children's Hospital.

So far, Colorado is reporting 1,047 pertussis cases, and public- health experts predict the state will surpass 2004's total of 1,185, which was a five-year high. Last year saw more than three times as many cases as in 2003.

Only Montana has a higher prevalence of pertussis, with 77 cases per 100,000, compared with Colorado's 29 per 100,000, according to the most recent figures available from the CDC.

Low vaccination rates in Colorado are partly to blame, said Ned Calonge, the state's chief medical officer. In recent years, doctors did not give the full course of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine to children because of a shortage, he said.

For years, Colorado was last in the nation in immunizing children, but now the state ranks 44th. From 2001 to 2004, the state did not provide any funding for child immunization programs.

While health officials remain concerned about the numbers, more accurate testing and greater awareness of pertussis among health care providers could explain some of the rise in reported cases, Calonge said.

This year, there is plenty of vaccine, and the FDA has approved two new vaccines for adults and adolescents, whose immunity to pertussis wanes eight to 10 years after the last shot, Calonge said.

Colorado's statewide surge in pertussis reflects a national resurgence of the illness that has health officials worried.

According to CDC estimates, there was a nearly 63 percent

The Trouble with Muslims

You know I am really having a hard time with muslims. I mean, they cannot get along with any of their neighbors: look at Israel, and India, and Russia, and Indonesia (Timor), and now the USA. I mean I think there is something seriously wrong with these guys, mentally. I was talking to a co-worker a few weeks ago (a muslim woman) and she seemed to think that America had never played any positive role the muslim world, that it was only a hypocritical oppressor. I took issue with this of course, pointing out that it was the USA that saved Kuwait from a murderous Saddam, that America had supported her own homeland of Pakistan over India during their mutual brutal wars during the past 50 years, and that the US has a positive immigration policy towards muslims: we don't ban them like muslim nations ban Christians. Some other thoughts are really bothering me as well: the Islamic world's acceptance of apocalypic terrorists as heroes is perhaps the most profound indicator of its spiritual crisis and decay. We are currently witnessing the horrific mutation of a great world religion, and the Islamic world will likely prove the greatest breeding ground of apocalypic terrorists in history. The ability to dehumanize his targets is essential to the psychology of the terrorist, that is why it is so critical to give muslmim women in Iraq the right to vote. Also, these madman have convinced themselves that our way of life is satanic, and that we are the enemies of their religion and their God. More to come....

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Katrina Kills Nagin and Blanco?

OK, so the Looney Left Crowd (aka the Bush haters) blame President Bush for everything, including Hurricane Katrina and Rita and their aftermath. However, the general public feels differently. An Online Survey of the Katrina disaster is now complete - with more than 175,000 respondents. Here are the results:

Do you believe George Bush and the federal government deserve primary responsibility for the Katrina disaster and response? 89% said "No." Just 11% Said "Yes."

Who bears more responsibility for the suffering caused by Katrina? Only 11% blamed Bush; 89% blamed "Mayor Nagin/Gov. Blanco."

Describe media coverage of Katrina. 86% said it was biased against Bush; 10% said it was neutral and 4% said it was biased in favor of Bush.

Mayor Ray Nagin

Governor Blanco

Damon: I found this survey very interesting. First off, I felt very early on that it was Mayaor Nagins' and Governor Blancos' fault for the breakdown of basic services in the New Orleans area immediately after hurricane Katrina. Mayor Nagin's guilt lies in not preparing ANY food or water for the refugees seeking shelter at the Superdome even before the hurricane arrived. he knew, as did most of the city's media, that large numbers of poor people who were unable to evacuate would seek shelter at the Superdome, and his failure to provide security or even basic food and water makes him guilty. Governor Blanco's guilt lies in the failure to call out the National Guard when the city of New Orleans descended into chaos. Her vile behavior towards President Bush showed her true colors: she would rather let innocent people die than let Bush and the Republicans gain anything positive out of this disaster. In my opinion all Democrats are like Blanoc, power hungry and caring little for the people who get in the way (ie civilians in New Orleans). I hope Nagin and Blanco get thrown out on their ass for their obvious incompetence, misbehavior, and failure of governance in a time of crisis.