Thursday, May 05, 2005

More Randomness

LEFT WING APOLOGISTS: The Left (especially in American colleges and university campuses) is always standing up for radical muslims, but today should be their darkest hour. While Leftists around the world and totalitarian muslisms have much in common, the following article should wake those on the Left up to the vileness of who muslims really are. Killing women is dispicable, I don't care what your religion says. CLICK

IT'S ABOUT TIME: Political correctness is going to get us all killed. As a gay man, I am shocked that the FDA hadn't banned gay men from donating sperm years ago! How many straight women (who just wanted to have a couple of kids) have been infected with the virus due to the lack of intelligent behavior on the part of gay men? The whole PC thing is just sickening. CLICK

ABU GHRAIB SEXUAL DEVIANTS: CLICK Seems like sexual deviants in the military may do things normal people wouldn't. Hmmmmm.....allow no sexual deviants in the military, I'd say.

I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY: CLICK Every time I get mad at Bush for not closing the border or some other important issue to my family and myself, he pulls something like this. I love this guy!

IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN: CLICK She is NOT going to keep any promise to hold the Senate seat in New York if she can be President. Are New Yorkers nuts? They must trust her far more than I ever did.....

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