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Justice From Justice

It is often said that elections have consequences. And every day the Trump Administration is proving that axiom to be true. One of the great frustrations of the Obama era was that when there was obvious corruption, as during the IRS targeting scandal, nobody got punished.

You will recall that in 2013 conservative tea party groups were harassed and denied important tax status by a politicized IRS. They were denied solely because they were conservative. The tea party groups that were wronged were never compensated.

There’s a new president and a new justice department. And, after years of litigation, DOJ has offered a settlement to tea party and other conservative groups that were targeted by the IRS under the Obama administration. In the settlement, the IRS acknowledges that it violated their rights by applying extra scrutiny and criteria to conservative groups when they applied for nonprofit status.

“The IRS’s use of these criteria as a basis for heightened scrutiny was wrong and should never have occurred,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement yesterday. “It is improper for the IRS to single out groups for different treatment based on their names or ideological positions.”

I would still like to see someone go to jail for the egregious politicization of a government agency, and perhaps that may still happen. But at least these grassroots organizations are going to be compensated and perhaps made whole again.

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