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Monday, March 12, 2018

Left-wing Discrimination

Last month, a worker at Hasta Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California, refused to serve a police officer.  In fact, the officer was told to leave because Hasta Muerte believes that a "police presence compromises our feeling of physical & emotional safety."

According to CNN, the officer who was denied service just happens to be the president of the Latino Police Officers Association of Alameda County.  So far, there is no outrage from local officials and no plans by state bureaucrats to sue the coffee shop into bankruptcy, as was done to a Christian florist in Seattle and bakers in Oregon.

Oakland is a left-wing city in a left-wing state.  Its mayor shields criminal illegal immigrants.  A majority of the Oakland Raiders football team refused to stand for the national anthem.  No doubt men who think they are women can use women's bathrooms in Oakland.

This is what the left does.  It turns normalcy upside down.

There is zero chance Oakland would tolerate any business owner who said, "We will not serve criminal illegal immigrants in our coffee shop."  And I have no doubt that there would be zero tolerance from Oakland officials if a Christian baker refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

In America's culture war, the left's highest value is not equality or even tolerance.  The left is extremely intolerant of anyone who does not share its radical ideology.

The left discriminates against conservatives.

The left discriminates against Christians.

The left discriminates against blacks.

And, at least in Oakland, it seems the left is perfectly happy discriminating against police officers, even if they happen to be Hispanic.

By the way, President Trump used his weekly radio address to attack the left's misguided sanctuary policies.  Here is a brief excerpt of the president's remarks:

"Sanctuary jurisdictions are the best friend of smugglers, gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers, killers, and other violent offenders.  We want our cities to be sanctuaries for Americans, not safe havens for criminals.  That is why I am calling on Congress to block funds for jurisdictions that shield dangerous criminals.  It is time to end the bloodshed brought about by reckless sanctuary policies – and it is time to save American lives and American cities."

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