Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Restoring The Rule Of Law

The media have been in a meltdown over the past 24 hours over the Trump Administration's announcement that 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador need to return home.  The left-wing outlet Vox accused the president of launching a "full-blown war" against "humanitarian immigration."

But as Bill Clinton noted in his 1995 State of the Union address, while we are nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws.

Here's what is missing from much of the media commentary:  These immigrants came here after a major earthquake . . . in 2001.  They were granted "temporary protected status" and allowed to live and work here while the areas impacted by the earthquake were repaired.

The law requires the government to periodically review those conditions.  In November, the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador wrote, "Every year we have to justify that the current situation is the result of the 2001 earthquakes and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so."

Finally, after 17 years, the government has determined that it is safe for these temporary immigrants to return home.  After nearly two decades, their "temporary" status will be ended next year.

To be clear, President Trump is simply following the law, just as he did when he ended Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Another issue that caused the media a lot of heartburn recently was Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to enforce the federal laws against marijuana use.  Sessions was condemned by the media and even some Republicans.

But the law is clear.  And if his critics don't like the law, the appropriate response is to change the law, not bash the attorney general for doing his job.

This is another example of the Trump Administration's commitment to restoring the rule of law in America and rolling back Barack Obama's repeated abuses of executive authority. 

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